Press Release – Mid Michigan Food Bank

21 07 2008

From a press release

Red Cross collects food and money donations at the

‘Food Fight’ at Sam’s Club

(Lansing, MI)


Saturday, July 19, 2008 at Sam’s Club on Edgewood Blvd., the Mid-Michigan Food Bank raised over $12,240.00 and collected some 26,300 pounds of donated food. The people of the Lansing area showed their caring and concern by generously donating much-needed items such as peanut butter and tuna fish. 26,300 pounds of food will stock the food bank’s mobile food pantry for one of its weekly trips. Shoppers and donors could also purchase hot dogs and pop donated by Sam’s Club, with those proceeds also going to the Mid-Michigan Food Bank. Local radio stations from 99.1 WFMK, 100.7 WITL, 97.5, 94.9 WMMQ, The Game 730 AM, Newstalk 1240AM (Citadel Broadcasting Company) were on-location all day, as were Fox 47 News and WILX News 10, all helping to load the food in the pouring rain. Ralph Shaheen of Shaheen Chevrolet brought over two trucks, which were filled with food 22 times. Shaheen Chevrolet also very generously donated 40% of the cash raised. Read the rest of this entry »


Salmonella Found in Jalapeno’s….from Mexico

21 07 2008

So, the FDA may have screwed over tomato growers.   The same strain of salmonella was found on a jalapeno pepper imported from Mexico.

The Food and Drug Administration has found salmonella bacteria on a jalapeño pepper imported from Mexico and warned consumers Monday not to eat fresh jalapeños and products made with fresh jalapeños.

The bacteria was found at a distribution center in McAllen, Texas. Investigators are not yet certain where the bacteria originated.
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Press Release – Farmer’s Market at State Capitol

21 07 2008

This sounds cool.  I hope I remember to get up Thursday morning to check this out!

Select Michigan Farmers Market on the State Capitol Lawn Will Take Place Thursday.  Consumers have opportunity to purchase Michigan grown products


WHO:        Michigan Dept. of Agriculture
                 Michigan Food & Farming Systems
                 Michigan Farmers’ Market Association
                 Food Bank Council of Michigan 
                 Michigan farmers and specialty food producers

WHAT:    Buy Fresh-Buy Local Select Michigan Farmers Market on the East
                Lawn of the State Capitol promoting and selling fresh, local Michigan
                produce and specialty food products.  More than 50 farmers and specialty food
                vendors are participating.

WHEN:  10 a.m. to 3 p.m., Thursday, July 24, 2008, rain or shine.

WHERE: Michigan State Capitol, East Lawn
                  Lansing, Michigan


Select Michigan.  It’s good for you, our growers, and our local

Frandor Deli

21 07 2008
  • 300 N. Clippert St. #8
  • Lansing, MI 48912
  • (517) 351-9342
  • No Known Website
  • Menu
The beef and cheddar sandwich from the Frandor Deli in the Frandor Shopping Center

The beef and cheddar sandwich from the Frandor Deli in the Frandor Shopping Center

My girlfriend needed to make a run to the Jewelry Doctor in the Frandor Shopping Center so we figured we’d hit up someplace in that area for lunch.  I had heard a lot about Amici’s New York Style Deli, but we couldn’t find it.  I didn’t realize it wasn’t quite in the Shopping Center.  Since we were kind of limited on time, I didn’t feel like driving around the area to look for it.  Instead, I noticed a sign for the Frando Deli.  I figured that would be quick and we could grab sandwiches to go.

Good sign when we walked in.  The place was packed.  We made our way through the small dining room to the counter to order our meals.  All of the sandwiches are already made and wrapped in plastic wrap.  When you order, they take the wrap off and then give you the options to customize the sandwich.  The pizza looked really good, but since we were grabbing something to go, I didn’t think that would have been a very good idea.  Instead, I went with the Beef and Cheddar sandwich.  The counter person asked if I wanted it heated and I passed.  I also passed on the toppings which would be your general deli toppers.  With the sandwich, I got a bag of BBQ chips, a small pickle spear and a medium Pepsi.  The sandwich was pretty good which kind of surprised me.  They must make and wrap the sandwiches every morning.  The bun was fresh and soft and the meat was still a little moist.  There was more shredded cheese than beef on the sandwich, but there was enough meat to make me feel like I didn’t get cheated. Read the rest of this entry »