Tony M’s Restaurant & Lounge

13 11 2008
  • 3420 S. Creyts Rd.
  • Lansing, MI 48917
  • (517) 322-2069
  • No Known Website
  • Menu
Tony Ms Restaurant & Lounge on Creyts Road in Lansing.

Tony M's Restaurant & Lounge on Creyts Road in Lansing.

We do a lot of shopping out in the Delta Township area and finding new places to eat is always hard.  We’ve found some good ones out there, but in our quest to eat at everyplace I keep sniffing out new ones.  I’m not exactly sure where I first heard of Tony M’s.  While J was at her monthly hair appointment, I was running errands.  After picking up a few things at Walmart, I turned on the GPS and started looking for restaurants in the area.  The usual suspects showed up, but Tony M’s also popped up so while I was waiting on J, I went and did a little scouting.  After finding out it was still there, I picked J up and we headed back for lunch.

Tony M’s is located on the corner of Creyts Road and Millet Highway just across the street from the Meijer Distribution Center.  We pulled up a little after 11:00 and found a good number of cars in the parking lot. I figured it was lunch time or something at the Meijer and since this is the only place around, it’s where everyone went.  There are two sections to Tony M’s.  In the back is the restaurant and lounge.  The front of the building is a party store and deli.  The entrances are clearly marked and we made our way to the restaurant for lunch.

After going through two large wood doors, we found ourselves in the lounge.  The bar area was packed, but the dining room was empty except for one guy drinking a beer and watching SportsCenter.  We made our way to a booth along the outside wall and a waitress was right behind us with menus.  We both ordered Diet Cokes and by the time the waitress came back with drinks, we were ready to order.

Tony Ms near the Meijer Distribution Center on Creyts Road.

Tony M's near the Meijer Distribution Center on Creyts Road.

J went with the Breast of Chicken sandwich.  She opted to leave the tomato and mayo off.  What was left was a 5 oz chicken breast marinated in Tony M’s special sauce, Swiss cheese, lettuce, and bacon.  The sandwich was much bigger than she expected.  She the chicken was tastey, but the special sauce left the bun soggy.  To counter that, they toasted the bun which helped some.  Near the end, J started eating the sandwich in pieces and really liked the chicken and the top bun.  She also loved that the bacon was super crispy.  Her sandwich came with fries and coleslaw.  I don’t think she touched the coleslaw and the fries were really soggy so she didn’t eat much of those, but she said her chicken was really good.

I ordered the Pizza Burger.  I didn’t realize when I ordered it that I was getting two charbroiled patties.  The sandwich was quite big and hard to get in my mouth.  The burgers were layered with mozzarella cheese and Tony M’s pizza sauce.  The sauce was good, but I’m not sure it worked with the burgers.  I ordered the burgers medium like I usually do and they came out more on the medium rare side.  I don’t think I would order this sandwich again, but I am curious about the pizza now.  My sandwich came with choice of fries.  I chose Cajun waffle fries which were delicious.  They were fried crispy and had a nice spice to them.  I also got my choice of side.  I chose applesauce and let J dig in on that. 

Our bill seemed a little high for lunch at $23.  Both meals were a pretty good size, so I’m not saying we got ripped off, but they could have been smaller and cheaper and we still would have left satisfied.  Tony M’s looked to be a hangout for the blue collar workers in the area.  As we were finishing up, a group of about a dozen guys came in and they had a couple pizzas waiting for them.  I could go either way on Tony M’s.  It was good, but not fantastic.  I wouldn’t avoid the place, but I’ll have to try something else on the menu to see if they have that one dish that you “must have.”




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