Pepsi in a Bottle

11 08 2008
Pepsi in a glass bottle....remember those days?

Pepsi in a glass bottle....remember those days?

It’s just one of those things from childhood I get all nostalgic for.  I know why they stopped putting pop in glass bottles, but I still miss it.  The last couple years, I’ve had some luck finding glass bottle Pepsi’s like this at Mexican grocery stores.  I’ve never figured out why it would be cost effective to still market glass bottles in Mexico but not the U.S., but I’m not complaining.  Today, I needed some more paprika, so I went to American International Bulk Food (review HERE).  I found the bins with Spanish paprika and filled a bag.  I’ve been doing a lot of barbecuing the last few weeks and gone through a ton of paprika, so I stocked up.  As I was making my way to the check-out, I noticed a cooler with bottles of Coke.  Since I’m not a Coke fan, I didnt’ grab one, but I did notice some Pepsi near the back, so I grabbed one.  By comparsion, the Pepsi in glass bottles is much more expensive than in a plastic bottle, but everytime I see them, I buy a couple anyway.  The only other place in Lansing I’ve seen them is at Tony’s Liquor Store on the corner of Cedar and Miller where they sell them 2 for $3.  It’s just one of those stupid things from my childhood that I can’t seem to shake.  It doesn’t taste any better and it’s harder to drink, but I love it.  This bottle of Pepsi lasted all of 2 minutes.


The Smoking Gun has been found…

30 07 2008

…and surprise!  The cause of the Salmonella outbreak in the US is tainted water in an irrigation system on a Mexican farm

“We have a smoking gun, it appears,” said Dr. Lonnie King, who directs the center for foodborne illnesses at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
Acheson said the farm is in Nuevo Leon, Mexico. Previously, the FDA had traced a contaminated jalapeno pepper to a farm in the Mexican state of Tamaulipas. Both farms shipped through a packing facility in Nuevo Leon, raising the possibility that contamination could have occurred there.

Needless to say, tomato farmer’s are a little pissed. Read the rest of this entry »

Salmonella Updates

25 07 2008

Got a couple Associated Press articles on the recent salmonella outbreak.

FDA says only Mexican-grown jalapenos are linked to the salmonella outbreak, not U.S. crop.

Well, gee whiz.  There’s a surprise. 

The second article blames the food industry lobby for not being able to trace the source and screwing tomato growers out of thousands of dollars for no good reason.

An easing of government rules on the amount of paperwork the food industry has to keep appears to be hampering a federal probe into what caused the recent salmonella outbreak.

The industry had successfully lobbied the Bush administration to limit the paperwork. The White House also killed a plan to require the industry to maintain electronic tracking records that could be easily reviewed to search for the source of an outbreak. Read the rest of this entry »

Salmonella Found in Jalapeno’s….from Mexico

21 07 2008

So, the FDA may have screwed over tomato growers.   The same strain of salmonella was found on a jalapeno pepper imported from Mexico.

The Food and Drug Administration has found salmonella bacteria on a jalapeño pepper imported from Mexico and warned consumers Monday not to eat fresh jalapeños and products made with fresh jalapeños.

The bacteria was found at a distribution center in McAllen, Texas. Investigators are not yet certain where the bacteria originated.
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