Wings Over East Lansing

22 01 2010
  • 1391 E. Grand River Avenue
  • East Lansing, MI 48823
  • (517) 332-5555
  • Website
  • Menu

Mmmmm.  Wings.  Man, I love wings.  For some reason, I had a taste after work and I went looking for some.  My original plan was to stop at Little Caesar’s now that they have Hot ‘n Ready wings, but I missed the entrance.  I pulled into a parking lot a little farther up and noticed the lights for Wings Over East Lansing were finally on.  It’s one of the places I have been trying to stop, but it’s never open.

Wings Over got its start at the University of Massachusetts in the late 90’s.  The franchise is pretty small with only 23 stores nationwide. 

Wings Over East Lansing is in a shopping center on the corner of Grand River Avenue and Hagadorn Road a mile or so from campus.  It’s a small storefront, but they do have tables and a lunch counter.  Most of their business is carry-out or delivery though. 

Wings Over does encourage you to call in orders because they are all made to order.  Since I didn’t plan on stopping, I didn’t call in.  There was actually another guy in the store that was waiting, so I’m not the only one that walks in to order.

Wings were all I wanted, so I picked out the “Puddle Jumper” which is ten wings.  They have a number of flavors and sauces.  I picked West Texas Mesquite which is described on the menu as “Think of BBQ Potato Chips.”  The cost was a little over seven bucks.  I took a seat to wait and played with my iPod, but they didn’t have WiFi, so I was stuck just playing games.  Still, it only took about ten minutes for the bag to come up with my wings.

I took the food back to my hotel.  The smell coming from the bag filled my truck with what actually did smell like BBQ potato chips.  I was kind of amazed that they actually had that smell.

When I did finally get in my room, I was pleasantly surprised with what I found.  The wings were huge and very meaty.  As much as I say I like Buffalo Wild Wings, their wings are on the small side.  These were twice the size of B-Dub’s wings and, what do you know, they tasted like BBQ potato chips.  I’ve had a lot of wings and these were not like any wings I’ve ever had.  The seasoning was more of a spice rub than a sauce, so they weren’t super messy. 

I am so glad I screwed up and passed Little Caesar’s.  The wings at Wings Over East Lansing are great.  It’s the perfect late-night college town snack.




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