Now You Know How the Rest of Us Feel

31 07 2008

You can smoke in restaurants in Michigan, but apparently, you can only smoke approved cancer sticks at some joints.

“On Saturday my brother and I were enjoying breakfast at Fleetwood Diner (on South Cedar Street). This is our normal destination for meetings, and has been since the diner opened.

“As usual, when we finished our meal we sat and had cigarettes and talked about different issues.”

Suddenly the two men were asked to take it outside. It seems that the smoke from their peach-flavored cigarettes offended the nostrils of somebody who worked at the diner.

That’s how I feel every freaking time I walk into a restaurant that allows smoking, but I deal with it.  The Fleetwood just made a case for banning smoking in restaurants and they don’t even know it.  My nostrils are offended by all cigarettes…not just the flavored ones.  If you can you kick patrons out because you don’t like their certain cigs, you should ban smoking outright!


Press Release – East Lansing Taste of the Chamber

31 07 2008

Got this press release from the Lansing Regional Chamber.  I love “Taste of” events, but this one is way too expensive for me. 

Annual Taste of the Chamber Event to Showcase East Lansing’s Culinary Expertise
East Lansing Restaurants, Caterers, & Beverage Distributors to Highlight Networking Event

Area residents are invited to come et a Taste of the Chamber at the Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce’s (LRCC) third annual Taste of the Chamber event held in East Lansing on July 31.  This fun-filled outdoor networking event features samples of the many culinary delights from East Lansing restaurants and caterers, as well as cold beer, wine, and soft drinks.  More than 400 Chamber members and guests are expected to attend.

Taste of the Chamber…East Lansing will be held from 5:30 PM until 8:30 PM on Thursday, July 31 in Downtown East Lansing, 230 Albert St., East Lansing.

“The Chamber’s summer networking event has always been the highlight of the summer for our members,” said Tim Daman, Vice President, Operations & Strategic Initiatives “The Taste of the Chamber event has really become a major event for the entire region to enjoy.  The fact that East Lansing has so many outstanding restaurants participating really makes this year’s even a must-attend affair.”

The list of participating businesses in this year’s Taste of the Chamber…..East Lansing event include: Read the rest of this entry »