What Temperature is Your Drink?

16 07 2008

Remind me if I ever meet this guy to punch him in the nose.

His friends may call him a snob, and waitresses may give him odd looks, but David Turley isn’t about to drink a beer with chunks of ice floating in it.

But that’s what can happen at restaurants that insist on serving his favorite beverage in icy mugs. And so Turley has no qualms about insisting upon another, unfrosted, glass.

“I’m pretty passionate about it,” says Turley, a 50-year-old information technology worker from Fredericksburg, Va. “The first thing I look at in a restaurant is the beer menu. I consider it a food.”

No, you’re a douchebag and you shouldn’t be allowed to leave your house.  Besides this example of douchery, the article has some interesting insights on what temperature your drinks should be served at.  It reinforces why I don’t like dark beers.  No beer should be served at 50 degrees.

Most beer is served too cold, says Sang Yoon, a beer sommelier, chef and owner of Father’s Office, a restaurant in Santa Monica, Calif.

But with most mainstream beers — the stuff produced by the major brand brewers — cold is fine. “Those don’t have a huge aroma profile, so you can drink ’em really cold and you’re not missing out on anything,” Yoon says

Well, that kind proves Mr. Douchebag really is a douchebag.  I’ll take a frosted mug filled with Pabst Blue Ribbon over a warm pint of crap anyday.  The article also suggests you drink water at room temperature…pretty much the temperature it comes out of the ground.  When you drink cold water, you numb your tastebuds.  Again, I’ll take the numbing.  Cold tastes better.

Other ideal temperatures.

Beer: Pale ales 40 F-42 F, Belgian ales around 50 F

Red wine: 60 F

White wine: chilled to about 55 F

Soda: 38 F-42 F

Water: Around 55 F

Milk: 33 F-35 F

Coffee: Brewing 195 F-205 F

Tea: Near boil, 185 F after steeping

This whole article makes me think of a co-worker from my last job.  He wasn’t very fun to go out to dinner with.  No matter what he got, he found a reason to complain to the waitress when she set down his food.  I always tipped a little extra because I felt bad.  I like to consider by myself a little bit of a connoisseur, but this stuff is ridiculous.  If you’re brining a thermometer to a restaurant to check your drinks, you need to be kicked in the groin.




2 responses

16 07 2008

LOL! Some folks are just a little too anal about their beer…

Some frosty-mug-floating-icechunks in my Patt’s Birch Beer and that’s another story! Yum-O!

17 07 2008

He’s a little over the top, but I agree about the frosted mugs. It “shocks” the beer, and adds water to it. Similarly, I’ve seen people pouring Coors Light over ice and I’m not sure why they don’t just get a glass of ice water.

It doesn’t matter with PBR or similar stuff, but pricer beers should never be served in frosted glasses.

And some people just love their beer like others love scotch or wine.

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