17 09 2009
  • 402 S. Washington Square
  • Lansing, MI 48933
  • (517) 977-1349
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MBC on Washington Square in downtown Lansing.

MBC on Washington Square in downtown Lansing.

The wait is over.  The Michigan Brewing Company put the “Coming Soon” sign on their building in downtown Lansing over a year ago.  I would drive  by every now and then to see if there was any progress.  I would periodically send e-mails to the marketing department in Webberville to see if they would give me anything, but never could get a solid answer.  All of a sudden, a few weeks ago, I saw a Tweet from Lansing PSD that MBC was opening.

The plan all along was to run some errands this morning then head downtown for lunch.  Of course, City Pulse beat me to the punch with an article in this week’s edition. 

MBC is near the corner of Washington Square and Kalamazoo Street.  The parking available is in front of the building in angled street parking.  There are a few spaces directly in front of the building, but more than likely, you’ll have to park and walk.  Not a big deal as there is plenty of parking spaces along Washington Square.

The building is dominated by windows that let in a lot of natural light.  When you first walk in, there’s a little lounge area off to the left with comfy red chairs and some bar stools.  Right in front of you is a hostess station that divides the remaining space into two distinct areas.  On the left is the bar area.  They have a beautiful bar along the far left wall as well as a couple pub tables.  The chairs at these pub tables are made of wood and have a ring around the bottom that looks like it was once part of a wooden barrel.  The rest of the bar area is filled in with regular tables that run along a half wall that separates the bar from the dining room.  The whole space has a somewhat industrial feel to it with high ceilings and low ambient lighting.  A majority of the light comes from the natural light that floods in through the large windows that make up the facade. Read the rest of this entry »


Press Release – Kid Rock Beer Starting Production

3 07 2009

Someone will have to help me on this one.  I was under the impression the Michigan Brewing Company was working on a Kid Rock craft beer.  I’m assuming that is shelved now?  This  is from a Drinks America press release….

Kid Rock and Drinks Americas Announce “AMERICAN BADASS BEER COMPANY™” to be Born on the Fourth of July
AMERICAN BADASS BEER™ will be Launched at Kid Rock’s July 17-18th Weekend Shows at Comerica Park

WILTON, Conn.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Drinks Americas Holdings, Ltd. (OTC BB: DKAM) (“Drinks Americas” or the “Company”) announced today that on July 4th it will commence brewing and filling kegs for the launch of Kid Rock’s “AMERICAN BADASS BEER COMPANY™”. Kid Rock plans to launch kegs of his new American style lager at Detroit’s Comerica Park in time for concert dates July 17th and 18th. AMERICAN BADASS BEER™ will be available at kiosks within the park during the concerts and rolling out in Michigan in the coming weeks followed by a number of Midwest market openings.

J. Patrick Kenny, CEO of Drinks Americas, said, “We are very excited about the launch date, the beer and all the work that has been put into making Kid Rock’s AMERICAN BADASS BEER™ a success. Based on orders alone we are off to a very good start. We will let the beer speak for itself as people begin to taste this great product.”

MBC To Make Kid Rock Craft Beer

17 02 2009

Thought this was a cool story from the Webberville based Michigan Brewing Company.

A brewer headquartered southeast of Lansing is getting a tax credit to produce a new line of beer for Kid Rock.

The tax credit for the Webberville-based Michigan Brewing Company was approved by the Michigan Economic Growth Authority. It’s valued at $722,957. The company plans to invest $7 million in the project, which is expected to create about 400 jobs in the state. 

The new line of beer should debut in the spring.  No style, name, or pricing has been decided yet.

What Temperature is Your Drink?

16 07 2008

Remind me if I ever meet this guy to punch him in the nose.

His friends may call him a snob, and waitresses may give him odd looks, but David Turley isn’t about to drink a beer with chunks of ice floating in it.

But that’s what can happen at restaurants that insist on serving his favorite beverage in icy mugs. And so Turley has no qualms about insisting upon another, unfrosted, glass.

“I’m pretty passionate about it,” says Turley, a 50-year-old information technology worker from Fredericksburg, Va. “The first thing I look at in a restaurant is the beer menu. I consider it a food.”

No, you’re a douchebag and you shouldn’t be allowed to leave your house.  Besides this example of douchery, the article has some interesting insights on what temperature your drinks should be served at.  It reinforces why I don’t like dark beers.  No beer should be served at 50 degrees. Read the rest of this entry »

Anheuser-Busch Sold to Belgian Company

14 07 2008

UGH!  I can’t even express in words how disgusted I am that an American institution or my second choice of beers sold out to a Belgian company

Anheuser-Busch Cos. and InBev late Sunday announced an agreement to combine the two companies, in a deal that would create the world’s largest brewer and one of the largest consumer products companies.

In a joint press release, the companies said Anheuser-Busch shareholders would receive $70 a share in cash and that the combined companies would be called Anheuser-Busch InBev. Read the rest of this entry »

Can Micro-Brews Kill Budweiser?

25 06 2008

Interesting article on MSN tonight.

Although craft beers account for only $5.7 billion of the industry, they have seen a 58% increase in dollar sales since 2004, according to the Brewers Association in Boulder, Colo. Last year, while imported and noncraft beer both experienced a growth rate of 1.4% in volume, craft beer enjoyed a 12% growth rate in volume, according to the Brewers Association. Read the rest of this entry »

Brewpubs Could Be Allowed to Participate in Beer Festivals

23 06 2008

I just noticed that HB 6187 and 6188 passed the House on June 11.  In reading the analysis for the bills, it looks to me like there has been a problem with brewpubs participating in beer festivals.  The way the law is currently written, brewpubs can only sell their product to be consumed at their licensed facility.

These two bills would do two things.  Allow brewpubs to sell their beer and special liscense holders to buy the beer.  The bill was crafted for the Michigan Brewers Guild which holds two beer festivals a year.  Over 200 beers from 30 breweries will be featured, but none from a brewpub. Read the rest of this entry »