American International Bulk Foods

27 06 2008
  • 6016 S. Pennsylvania Ave.American International Bulk Foods
  • Lansing, MI 48911
  • (517) 393-1130
  • No Known Website

American International Bulk Foods was recommended to me by my girlfriends boss once she found out I like to cook.  I was told they have a good selection of spices, so I stopped in one day to see what exactly it was.  To my surprise, they had a lot of spices and a lot of hard to find spices at really good prices.  The store is set up like a bulk candy store.  There are rows of plastic bins filled with spices.  Just like a bulk candy store, you pick up a plastic bag and use a scoop to fill it up.  Tie the bag up and write the bin number on the bag and keep going.  This store is incredibly helpful if you cook a lot of Middle Eastern or Indian food.  There’s a lot of spices that you can’t get at the local mega mart. Read the rest of this entry »

Having Trouble Navigating Downtown?

26 06 2008

I am.  Being new to town, the whole CSO project makes it really hard to get to whre I’m going.  I’ll put an address in my GPS and when I get downtown Daniel (that’s what we call our Garmin because we use the programed British voice) freaks out then I freak out at him.  According to WLAJ, businesses are feeling the effects of people not being able to get to them.

They tell us it’s been a rough year for them.  With higher gas prices people are already spending less, and nowconstruction is detoring customers away from their stores. Read the rest of this entry »

Benson’s Vinaigrettes

26 06 2008
  • 940 Elmwood Rd.Benson\'s Vinaigrettes
  • Lansing, MI 48917
  • (517) 703-9616
  • Website
  • Menu

Boy, did we stumble on to something great here.  I drove by Benson’s Vinaigrettes last time my girlfriend got her haircut and said next month, that’s where we were going to eat lunch.  I found their website and was a little worried that I wouldn’t be all that thrilled with it.  I knew my girlfriend would love it and it’d be a nice change from all the bars and pizza joints I bring her to. 

Benson’s is located just behind the Lansing Mall.  It’s a really nice looking building from the outside with a LCD board underneath their sign that displays today’s entrees.  Inside, Benson’s reminds you of a deli.  The place is much bigger than it looks.  You walk through the dining room and get in line.  All of today’s food is on display in cases.  The menu is constantly changing.  You can get salads and wraps everyday, but that days entrees won’t be there tomorrow.  All the food is fresh and homemade.  The chef was standing in the dining room making sure everything was running smoothly.  Read the rest of this entry »

Kroger Recalling Beef

26 06 2008

After the E. Coli outbreak, Kroger is recalling ground beef bought in Michigan and the Columbs and Toledo, Ohio areas sold between May 21 and June 8.

The recall involves an undetermined amount of ground beef, including all varieties and weights of products sold in Michigan stores as well as stores in counties in the Toledo and Columbus areas in Ohio.

Kroger and health officials said none of the infected product remains in stores.

“The products are no longer available,” said Amanda Eamich, spokeswoman for the USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service. “We actually are encouraging people to look in their freezers.”

Press Release – Picnic on Ella’s Lawn

26 06 2008

From A Press Release:

You’re Invited to have a Picnic on Ella’s Lawn
Saturday, July 12
Noon – 4 PM
Upstairs/Downstairs Tour at 2:30 PM

Families are invited to bring their lunch, throw down a blanket, and enjoy a summer afternoon picnic at Hillside Farm.

Enjoy making some fresh-squeezed lemonade & homemade ice-cream, play croquet, participate in our horseshoe contest, and roll a hoop down the lane.

Also that day we will have a special Attic & Cupola Tour of the house.

$15 for families
$10 for couples and
$5 for individuals

Meijer – Saginaw Hwy

26 06 2008
  • 5125 W. Saginaw Hwy.Meijer
  • Lansing, MI 48917
  • (517) 886-8101
  • Website

It was that time again for my girlfriend to get a haircut.  For me, that usually means a couple hours of killing time and shopping.  This time, my girlfriend asked me to run a couple errands and pick up a few things at a mega-mart.  Since Meijer is right in front of the place she gets her hair cut, I stopped over there first.

Meijer is the pioneer when it comes to the hyper-market.  They were the first to come up with the full supermarkert plus full discount store design that Wal-Mart has now made popular.  While I like Meijer’s grocery store, I don’t shop there often.   Usually, we only go to Meijer when we need food plus general merchandise.  When we first moved to town, Meijer was the first grocery store we went to to stock our new place.  Read the rest of this entry »

Kroger – Saginaw Highway

26 06 2008
  • 6430 W. Saginaw Hwy.
  • Lansing, MI 48917
  • (517) 886-1039
  • Website

A few weeks ago when I originally posted about Kroger in Holt (review HERE), a commentor suggested I check out the Kroger on Saginaw and Creyts Rd.  I figured a Kroger is a Kroger, right?  Boy, I was wrong.

My girlfriend had me running some errands while she was getting her hair cut.  I tried to do pick up everything I needed at Meijer, but was one thing short.  I thought I was just going to go to Wal-Mart, but as I drove by Kroger, I remembered the comment and decided to stop.  My plan wasn’t to get anything food releated.  I was actually looking for a skin care product, but I wanted to check it out.  Let me tell you.  This is like no Kroger I’ve ever been in before.  Read the rest of this entry »

Cheddars coming to Saginaw Hwy?

26 06 2008

I was hanging out near Lansing Cheddar\'sMall today and noticed some work going on at the corner of Saginaw and Mall Dr.  The outside looked familar, but I couldn’t quite figure it out.  I drove up a little closer and saw the signs for Cheddar’s which, according to their website, will be the first is the only Cheddar’s in Michigan.  Cheddar’s is a growing chain founded in 1978 in Arlington, TX.  I’ve eaten at a couple of their other stores.  It’s good food, but it’s still a chain.  There isn’t a whole lot that is different from, say, Applebees.  For those of you that like the chains, this is something to get excited about.  It is a small enough chain that you’re not going to be able to find one in every city, so treat yourself sometime.

Update – Apparently not a new Cheddar’s but a remodel maybe?  Corky pointed out in comments that there had been a Cheddar’s at this location before.  The signs are all covered and there’s a lot of work going on?  Does anyone for sure if they’re remodeling or maybe a new tenant moving in?

Michigan Brewing Company – Coming Soon! – UPDATED!

25 06 2008

Michigan Brewing CompanyI was in downtown Lansing tonight and noticed that sign you see off to the right.  This seems to be a search engine search that brings a lot of people this site, so I figured some of you might be interested in seeing that work is happening at the building located at 402 S Washington Sq.  I’ve sent an e-mail to the folks at the Michigan Brewing Company in Webberville to see if there’s any progress and when they are expectin to open.  If and when I get a reply, I’ll let you know.

UPDATE – I got an e-mail back from Stan Thornbury who is the marketing manager for the Michigan Brewing Company.  He said the store is progressing slowly because they are waiting on state licensing.  They’re hoping for an opening in the third or fourth quarter of this year.

Michigan Brewing Company

Little Ceasar’s Pizza Kit Fundraiser

25 06 2008

One of my cousin has a daughter that’s just getting to the age where they have sell anything and everything for school to raise money for clubs, programs, etc.  My absolute favorite of any fundraiser I’ve ever had to do myself or buy is the Little Ceasar Pizza Kits

I’m blogging about this because it was dinner tonight.  I made my girlfriend a salad, but didn’t want that myself.  When I opened the freezer, the box jumped out at me.  The most impressive thing about these pizzas is that they actually taste like Little Ceasar pizza.  Growing up, we would eat at Little Ceasar once every couple weeks.  When they company was having trouble, the store we went to went away, so there was a good chunk of my teen years with no Little Ceasar’s. Read the rest of this entry »