Aldi – Saginaw Hwy.

24 07 2008
  • 5625 W. Saginaw Hwy.
  • Lansing, MI 48906
  • (636) 278-4700
  • Website
Aldis on Saginaw Highway

Aldi's on Saginaw Highway

It has been years since I’ve been to an Aldi.  We didn’t shop there much when I was growing up because there was kind of a stigma to shopping at Aldi’s.  On top of that, it’s kind of a pain in the butt.  They don’t have the conviences of a modern mega-mart, but that’s how they keep prices down.  The stigma is gone now and more and more people are taking advantage of Aldi’s low prices.

The one thing I always use to go to Aldi’s for was their animal crackers.  I know that sounds stupid, but when I was in high school, my distrcit swtiched to the Eight-Block schedule.  Instead of a regular school day with eight 40 minute periods, we had four 80 minute periods each day with an every other day schedule.  Because of the schedule, there was always one group that would have three morning classes before lunch which means we didn’t get to eat much before one o’clock.  The teachers would let us bring snacks in and Aldi’s animal crackers were a big hit or some reason. Read the rest of this entry »


Having Trouble Navigating Downtown?

26 06 2008

I am.  Being new to town, the whole CSO project makes it really hard to get to whre I’m going.  I’ll put an address in my GPS and when I get downtown Daniel (that’s what we call our Garmin because we use the programed British voice) freaks out then I freak out at him.  According to WLAJ, businesses are feeling the effects of people not being able to get to them.

They tell us it’s been a rough year for them.  With higher gas prices people are already spending less, and nowconstruction is detoring customers away from their stores. Read the rest of this entry »