American International Bulk Foods

27 06 2008
  • 6016 S. Pennsylvania Ave.American International Bulk Foods
  • Lansing, MI 48911
  • (517) 393-1130
  • No Known Website

American International Bulk Foods was recommended to me by my girlfriends boss once she found out I like to cook.  I was told they have a good selection of spices, so I stopped in one day to see what exactly it was.  To my surprise, they had a lot of spices and a lot of hard to find spices at really good prices.  The store is set up like a bulk candy store.  There are rows of plastic bins filled with spices.  Just like a bulk candy store, you pick up a plastic bag and use a scoop to fill it up.  Tie the bag up and write the bin number on the bag and keep going.  This store is incredibly helpful if you cook a lot of Middle Eastern or Indian food.  There’s a lot of spices that you can’t get at the local mega mart.

I don’t do a lot of Middle Eastern cooking, so I don’t stop often.  They have a lot of baking supplies which is what I usually stop for.  You can buy candy for cupcakes or cakes as well as different types of flour for much cheaper than you can get them in the store.  Last time I was there, I picked up about a pound of five grain flour and half a pound of candied ginger. 

Besides the bulk spices, they also have some dry goods and some hard to find refrigerated items that, again, are popular in Middle Eastern cuisine.  My favorite thing about this place is that they have Pepsi in glass bottles.  I get all nostalgic and love the glass bottles.  They are a little more expensive, but a nice treat every now and then.  Like I said, this isn’t an every week trip for me.  It’s more of an as-needed thing, but it’s nice to have so close to home. 




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24 07 2008

I fully agree with your comments. My mother suggested stopping by this store, and what a great surprise! This is more than just a bulk food store. The international brands, the great selection, and decent prices make this a must do each time I’m in town.

11 08 2008
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14 09 2008
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