Little Ceasar’s Pizza Kit Fundraiser

25 06 2008

One of my cousin has a daughter that’s just getting to the age where they have sell anything and everything for school to raise money for clubs, programs, etc.  My absolute favorite of any fundraiser I’ve ever had to do myself or buy is the Little Ceasar Pizza Kits

I’m blogging about this because it was dinner tonight.  I made my girlfriend a salad, but didn’t want that myself.  When I opened the freezer, the box jumped out at me.  The most impressive thing about these pizzas is that they actually taste like Little Ceasar pizza.  Growing up, we would eat at Little Ceasar once every couple weeks.  When they company was having trouble, the store we went to went away, so there was a good chunk of my teen years with no Little Ceasar’s.

With each order, you get three crusts, three packages of sauce, three packages of cheese and the topping.  I usually get the pepperoni, but they also have sausage.  There’s even a variety of crusts.  You can get thick or thin, deep dish, whole wheat, and even microwaveable pizzas.  They also sell their crazy bread, which is to die for, cinnamon bread, salad kits, spice kits, and cookies.  You would think that you wouldn’t get enough toppings, but you’d be wrong.  The sauce is just about enough, but the cheese is more than enough.  I usually only need half of the bag.  Even the pepperoni’s that come with it are too much for one pie.

The best thing about the Pizza Kits is that you don’t have to wait until next year to order.  You can actually order most of their products on the website




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