7-Eleven – Jolly Rd

2 01 2009
  • 1975 E. Jolly Road
  • Lansing, MI 48910
  • (517) 394-7227
  • Website
7-Eleven on Jolly Road in Lansing

7-Eleven on Jolly Road in Lansing

I just have a thing for slurpee’s.  Not sure what it is, but J got me hooked again on the frozen Coke’s.  Sure, we usually stop at Speedway to get our frozen pop, but I was near a 7-Eleven today and decided to stop in. 

There are several 7-Eleven locations in the Lansing metro area.  This particular store is on Jolly Road where it meets Aurelius on the way to Okemos.  I had to mail some shredded coconut to my grandma to make peanut brittle.  She wasn’t able to find any for Christmas so there was no peanut brittle.  J and I found some at Horrocks so we stocked up and shipped some hoping to get a tasty return package. 

The Holt post office that I usually go to closed at noon for some reason so I had to head out to the post office on Collins Road.  After that, I needed to go back to Kroger to pick something up for dinner.  A third stop was going to be Speedway for a frozen Coke and a Mega Millions ticket, but I saw the 7-Eleven as I was turning back on to Aurelius and realized it was easier to get in and out of a convience store than a busy gas station.

7-Eleven is big in the Chicago area so they a history with me.  I always think of 7-Eleven as dirty stores run by shady people.  That seems to be the trend in Chicago.  I don’t always feel safe going in one.  My opinion completely changed with my first trip to the Holt 7-Eleven (review HERE).  That store was spotless, well staffed, and the people were friendly. 

The Okemos store (review HERE) wasn’t quite as spotless but still didn’t have that scary feeling.  The Jolly Road store was sort of in between the two.  When I walked in, I didn’t see anyone working.  I kind of looked around for the lottery play slips and didn’t see them on the counter.  They had a lotto computer, so I knew they had to have them somewhere. 

I made my way over to the slurpee machine to get my frozen Coke.  I had to look a little for the cups.  They were below the machine but off to the left.  After I found the cups, I had to search for the lids.  They were off to the right of the machine, but hidden.  I filled up my slurpee then headed to the counter.  When I got up to pay, I found the Mega Millions play slips, so I filled out my numbers and two easy picks.  By this time, the cashier had come out. She took my playslip and got my ticket. 

After getting my (winning?) Mega Millions ticket, I paid for my drink and the lotto.  With three lines of numbers and the Coke, my total was just over $4.50.  I like the 7-Eleven slurpees better than the generic frozen Coke’s you get at  gas stations.  J is just the opposite.  The slurpees are a little bit thicker and I like that.  The frozen soda is larger ice crystals. 

We use Aurelius Road from Jolly as a short cut home quite a bit.  I usually don’t even notice the store there even though it’s the only thing at the intersection.  I need to make more of a concious effort to stop there instead of the Speedway a little bit farther down Jolly towards Okemos.




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3 01 2009
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3 01 2009

Amy always called this 7-11 my “man cave” when Andy owned the franchise (she blogged on it back in July or August)…Whenever I needed some Amy-free time, I would end up taking a drive and talking to Andy about business, sports, etc. for an hour or two…Better than a bartender or a barber…LOL…

The Coke slurpees ARE much better from 7-11 than at Speedway or QD…

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