Restaurant Openings!

12 01 2009

Hey, here’s some good news instead of the usual “guess what closed today.”  I’ve noticed a couple new restaurants in the area recently.

First, we noticed a taco stand in the abandoned coffee place between Holt and Mason sort of near the skating rink.  I didn’t catch a name and it was closed by the time we were heading back to Lansing.  I can’t even tell you what used to be in the building to try and help pin down the location because whatever it was had been closed since we’ve been in the area.   One night when I’m on my own for dinner I’ll probably run down there and give it a try.

The other is Brother’s Grill in East Lansing.  I saw a story on WLAJ last week about the Michigan Business Tax and they talked to this place which I had never heard of.  I did a quick Google search and found a website at  It looks to be in the old Big Ten Burrito location on Grand River Avenue.  It also looks like the kind of place J and I would enjoy, so I would expect a reveiw from there fairly soon. 

Anyone else seen new places opening up in Mid-Michigan recently?