7-Eleven – Holt

12 09 2008
  • 1997 Aurelius Rd.
  • Holt, MI 48842
  • (517) 694-4906
  • Website
The 7-Eleven store on Aurelius Road in Holt

The 7-Eleven store on Aurelius Road in Holt

It’s not very often that J makes me crave something, but tonight, she did.  When she came home for dinner, she had to weave through the madness that was the gas stations in this town today.  Because people are stupid and will believe anything they hear, lines were forming in the streets on Pennsylvania and Cedar.  She had to weave through all this mess just to get home, so when it was time to go back, she didn’t want to mess with trying to get the Slurpee-type drink from Speedway which she was craving.  Just talking about it made me crave one.

Even though it was much later and all the rumors about $6 gas turned out to be untrue, I didn’t want to mess with trying to get to a gas station, so I went the other way and went to Holt.  7-Eleven occupies the corner of Holt and Aurelius Roads in the village.  It has been a few years since I’ve been in a 7-Eleven.  The convenience stores are prevalent in Chicagoland, but not where I grew up about an hour south.  7-Eleven was a treat when we would stop before or after a White Sox game at Comiskey Park.  We figured since they sponsor the White Sox (all home games start at 7:11 PM CST), we’d support them right back.  That’s what happens when your family watches NASCAR.  You support the sponsors of you’re favorite driver/team. 

I went to the store in Holt with only one purpose.  I wanted a Slurpee.  To my surprise, the store was clean.  Really clean.  When I think of convenience stores, I don’t really think of them being spotless.  That was the thing that jumped out at me when I walked in.  I found the Slurpee machines along the wall opposite the entrance.  I just wanted a Cola Slurpee.  I don’t really get into the mixing of flavors and things.  I just want a frozen Coke.  I went in thinking I was going to get a 32 oz, but the sizes were 20 oz or 44 oz.  44 was too much, so I scaled back and saved myself a few empty calories. 

After filling my cup, I walked around the store a little bit to see what else they offer.  Pretty much everything else was the standard items you find at a convenience store.  They have their fountain pops called “Big Gulps” and they have a supplier that brings in fresh donuts.  I didn’t need anything else, so I just went an paid.  My 20 oz Slurpee was $1.69.

There wasn’t any difference between the Slurpee from 7-Eleven and the knock offs we usually get at Speedway, so I don’t really know what they hype is all about.  It totally stopped the craving for something sweet that I was having, but I don’t need to go that far out of the way to get one when I can walk to Speedway and get the same thing.  I will say it’s a much better convenience store than I remember, but maybe that’s just because my comparison is a Chicago store.




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13 09 2008

I yelled WTF a few times yesterday re: gas lines…On my way home from a trip to Office Depot, I was attempting to turn right and head east onto Miller at Pennsylvania and sat through 6 red lights while dickheads parked on Pennsylvania waiting for gas at Speedway…

3 07 2014

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