7-Eleven – Jolly Rd

2 01 2009
  • 1975 E. Jolly Road
  • Lansing, MI 48910
  • (517) 394-7227
  • Website
7-Eleven on Jolly Road in Lansing

7-Eleven on Jolly Road in Lansing

I just have a thing for slurpee’s.  Not sure what it is, but J got me hooked again on the frozen Coke’s.  Sure, we usually stop at Speedway to get our frozen pop, but I was near a 7-Eleven today and decided to stop in. 

There are several 7-Eleven locations in the Lansing metro area.  This particular store is on Jolly Road where it meets Aurelius on the way to Okemos.  I had to mail some shredded coconut to my grandma to make peanut brittle.  She wasn’t able to find any for Christmas so there was no peanut brittle.  J and I found some at Horrocks so we stocked up and shipped some hoping to get a tasty return package. 

The Holt post office that I usually go to closed at noon for some reason so I had to head out to the post office on Collins Road.  After that, I needed to go back to Kroger to pick something up for dinner.  A third stop was going to be Speedway for a frozen Coke and a Mega Millions ticket, but I saw the 7-Eleven as I was turning back on to Aurelius and realized it was easier to get in and out of a convience store than a busy gas station.

7-Eleven is big in the Chicago area so they a history with me.  I always think of 7-Eleven as dirty stores run by shady people.  That seems to be the trend in Chicago.  I don’t always feel safe going in one.  My opinion completely changed with my first trip to the Holt 7-Eleven (review HERE).  That store was spotless, well staffed, and the people were friendly.  Read the rest of this entry »