Guy Fieri Replacing Emeril?

23 07 2008

I headed over to tonight to print out a couple recipes I saw on Guy’s Big Bite this afternoon and came across this message.

Is Guy Fieri the next Emeril?

Is Guy Fieri the next Emeril?

Hey Guy Fieri Fans!

Get up close (and very personal) with me, Guy Fieri – as I shoot all-new Guy’s Big Bite episodes with an exciting new twist – a live studio audience. Now’s your chance to hang out with me in Food Network’s incredible NYC studios.


We’ll shoot two shows each day – July 28, 29 and 30. So you’ll witness twice the shows and have twice the fun. Bring your sweatbands and BIG appetites – we’ll try to fit everyone into the pool!  

If I had any money at all I’d be on a plane to NYC.  Just a couple months ago, Emeril Live was cancelled on the Food Network then picked up for new episodes by the Fine Living Network.   Now, Food is coming back with a “Live” show (live as in live studio audience not live as in happening as you see it.)

My feeling is the novelty on Emeril wore off.  The “bam” was fun for a while and adding more and more Essence as the audience cheered was wacky at first, but it got tired.  I love Guy Fieri’s shows, so I hope this doesn’t happen to him.  Hopefully it won’t be overdone like Emeril eventually was and they stick to the one new episode a week like they do now.




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