Ice Cream Man!

7 07 2008

What a cool story this is.  Whenever you read stories about ice cream men anymore they’re not good.  This story ran in the Jackson Citizen Patriot a couple weeks ago.

(Gary) Scoville has delivered frozen treats with Gramp’s Ice Cream Co. around the community of Hillsdale for the last 22 years.

He started off as a substitute driver for his daughter, who drove for the previous owner, and that was all it took to convince him that he needed to make an investment.

“I had no idea I would enjoy it,” Scoville said. “But I did, and the next year I bought the business.”

Scoville says he keeps his prices as low as he can.  Just making sure he doesn’t lose money.  I grew up in a small town so we never had anything like this.  We used to get excited when the Schwan’s truck would come to town.  Whoever got Schwan’s ended up with about a dozen kids ready to mooch.




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