Have A Cooking Question?

7 07 2008

No, I’m not the one to answer it.  Everything I know I learned by watching the Food Network, so I’m not about to give advice, but Food Network is giving you a chance to ask your favorite Food Network star a culinary question.  I first noticed the new show on Michael Symon’s website, but when I clicked on the link for Dear Food Network it gives you the option of which star you want to ask.  Just like Bobby Flay’s new show Grill It! With Bobby Flay, FN is giving you the opportunity to upload a short video asking a question. 

Throughout the year, do you encounter all kinds of cooking challenges – from Thanksgiving disasters to Holiday cooking blow-outs? Never fear, Food Network is here!

Ask your favorite Food Network personality a pressing Thanksgiving, or holiday question, and you may get your question answered in an upcoming episode of Dear Food Network.

Don’t know why your turkey always comes out dry? Want a simple and delicious champagne cocktail for a sparkling New Year’s Eve? Are you having an army of family and friends over for a holiday dinner and need some fresh ideas?

Or, if your computer illiterate or just don’t have a webcam, you can also e-mail your question.  Check out THIS LINK to see how you can be of the Food Network




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