Sweetie-licious Bakery Cafe

20 07 2009
  • 108 N. Bridge Street
  • DeWitt, MI 48820
  • (517) 669-9300
  • Website
  • Menu
Sweetie-licious Bakery Cafe in downtown DeWitt.

Sweetie-licious Bakery Cafe in downtown DeWitt.

Since moving to Lansing, I’ve been looking for an excuse to take a trip to DeWitt so we could check out Sweetie-licious.  Finally, I stopped looking for an excuse and just made my own.  We found a place to eat lunch and then planned on heading to Sweetie-licious for dessert.  After a quick lunch at Relli’s, we made the one block trip to with the hopes of sampling the best pie in the country.

Sweetie-licious Bakery Cafe is on Bridge Street in downtown DeWitt.  It’s a colorful storefront  with a few red tables outside.  The store itself is tiny and pretty popular.  We showed up about 1:00 on a Saturday and we had to weave our way around other people. 

There are two pastry cases that take up a bulk of the public space.  In the remaining space, there are a few tables.  They do have a savory menu that consists of sandwiches and salads, but we were in the market for sweets. 

I’m not a pie person, so I started looking in the cases to see what they had.  There wasn’t a whole lot left, but there were some cookies and brownies that both looked good to me.  I was just going to let J order and then throw in a cookie or two. Read the rest of this entry »



18 07 2009
  • 202 E. Main Street
  • DeWitt, MI 48820
  • (517) 669-9243
  • No Known Webite
  • Menu
Rellis on Main Street in DeWitt.

Relli's on Main Street in DeWitt.

Saturday’s have sort of become a exploration day.  We’ve eaten at most of the restaurants we wanted to eat at in Lansing, so we’ve been looking more at the surrounding communities.  Ever since moving here, there’s been a pastry shop in DeWitt that I’ve wanted to go to, but we’ve never had a reason to go to DeWitt.  Last night when J told me to find someplace for lunch, I started to look at places north of Lansing, so we could hit up DeWitt for dessert.  What I ended up finding was a sports bar..and you know how much we love sports bars.

Relli’s is near downtown DeWitt on Main Street just a block from Bridge Street.  It’s a big corner building that really sticks out.  The exterior looks like wood slats and it really sticks out in the bedroom community.  There is a parking lot on the side of the building and an entrance near that lot, but we found some street parking right in front, so I pulled across the bike lane into the parking spot.

We used the front door which brings you right into an arcade area.  I tried to get J to play a game of Golden Tee, but we kept moving to find a table.  The building is rather large.  There’s a dining room behind the bar that is separated from the bar area.  There are also a few tables near the bar and another connected dining room  as part of the same room.  Even though it was probably the smoking section, I took a seat near the bar.  When we eat lunch at places like this, I always like to sit where we can be seen by the bartender.  At least I know then that we won’t go totally unnoticed. Read the rest of this entry »

Sweetie-Licious Wins Grand Prize

27 04 2009

I saw this little tidbit on Sweetie-Licious’ Facebook page.

THE BEST POSSIBLE NEWS! Linda won the $5,000 grand prize at the National Pie Championship in Florida. Her winning pie was Tom’s Cherry Cherry Berry Pie. Be sure to stop into the shop an congratulate her! Way to go Linda!!!!!

Congrats on the win!  Still haven’t made it to DeWitt, but hope to soon.  J got a pie from them at last spring’s Capitol Farmer’s Market and loved it.

The Draft House Neighborhood Bar & Grill

11 10 2008
  • 12449 S. US Highway 27
  • DeWitt, MI 48820
  • (517) 669-5206
  • Website
  • Menu
The Draft House Neighboorhood Bar & Grill on Old US 27 outside of Dewitt

The Draft House Neighboorhood Bar & Grill on Old US 27 outside of Dewitt

How many times have I said all restaurants need a website?  I know I keep harping on it, but again, we picked The Draft House for lunch just becuase I found a website and it looked cool.  We were out in Clinton Country because we wanted to go check out Uncle John’s Cider Mill, but first, we needed lunch.  I looked for places in St. John’s and didn’t find a whole lot.  My Google search then led me to Dewitt.  I found a few places there, but The Draft House looked cool and looked like our kind of place so that’s where we went.

We had a hard time finding the place at first because the GPS wouldn’t recognize the address they way it was written on Google.  We instead hit “City Center” and started driving hoping we’d find it.  There’s no way we would have had we continued on that path, but when we got to an intersection marked “Old US 27” we tried putting that in the GPS and we finally got the address right.

The Draft House is on Old US 27 outside of DeWitt.  There’s a huge sign out front, but the building itself is pretty non-descript.  There were a few cars in the parking lot, but we were pretty early.  The football games had just started so the bar wasn’t completely empty.  Things started looking good when we opened the door to go in.  Hanging next to the door is a sign proclaiming The Draft House is smoke free!  YAY!  Read the rest of this entry »