18 07 2009
  • 202 E. Main Street
  • DeWitt, MI 48820
  • (517) 669-9243
  • No Known Webite
  • Menu
Rellis on Main Street in DeWitt.

Relli's on Main Street in DeWitt.

Saturday’s have sort of become a exploration day.  We’ve eaten at most of the restaurants we wanted to eat at in Lansing, so we’ve been looking more at the surrounding communities.  Ever since moving here, there’s been a pastry shop in DeWitt that I’ve wanted to go to, but we’ve never had a reason to go to DeWitt.  Last night when J told me to find someplace for lunch, I started to look at places north of Lansing, so we could hit up DeWitt for dessert.  What I ended up finding was a sports bar..and you know how much we love sports bars.

Relli’s is near downtown DeWitt on Main Street just a block from Bridge Street.  It’s a big corner building that really sticks out.  The exterior looks like wood slats and it really sticks out in the bedroom community.  There is a parking lot on the side of the building and an entrance near that lot, but we found some street parking right in front, so I pulled across the bike lane into the parking spot.

We used the front door which brings you right into an arcade area.  I tried to get J to play a game of Golden Tee, but we kept moving to find a table.  The building is rather large.  There’s a dining room behind the bar that is separated from the bar area.  There are also a few tables near the bar and another connected dining room  as part of the same room.  Even though it was probably the smoking section, I took a seat near the bar.  When we eat lunch at places like this, I always like to sit where we can be seen by the bartender.  At least I know then that we won’t go totally unnoticed.

The waitress came over and took drink orders before bringing us menus.  J said Diet Coke which was brought to her in a can.  I got a Pepsi which came out of the fountain.  She gave us a few more minutes to look over the menu which is typical bar fare with the addition of some pasta and some pizza that they must be known for. 

Rellis near downtown DeWitt.

Relli's near downtown DeWitt.

The pizza was tempting, but I can’t remember the last time I had a hamburger.  They have the option of both a 1/2 lb and a full pound.  I didn’t need a full pound, so I got the half pound with cheddar cheese and bacon.  The sandwich came on a bun that was really toasted.  The bacon was nice and crispy and the cheese was starting to melt into the meat.  The patty was cooked so there was just a little bit of pink.  It has probably been a few weeks since I’ve had a burger and this one hit the spot.  The sandwich came with some fries which were typical restaurant fries.  They needed  a little more salt, but other than that,they did the job of filling me up.

J ordered the BLT.  She said she liked the sandwich.  The bread was a little too toasted, but the bacon was perfectly cooked.  She prefers her bacon super crispy and this bacon was just that.  Even though she prefers her bacon crispy, she said it tends to dry out the sandwich.  The way the bread was toasted just added to the dryness.  She also got fries which she didn’t say anything about.  She had a few left on the plate but that was just because she didn’t want to over eat. 

Our bill was just over seventeen bucks.  I was a little shocked it was so cheap.  I would say our meal was worth more than we paid for it.  It was typical bar food, but it was done well.  Relli’s specialities are the Italian fare, but neither of us were in the mood for a heavy meal.  We enjoyed our meal and it was a really cool atmosphere.  A bunch of guys were sitting at the bar watching a replay of the Celebrity and Legends All-Star game on one of the many LCD TV’s.  Relli’s was the perfect choice for us.  We got a good meal in a comfortable setting and then it was off to get dessert….




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18 07 2009
Bernie B

One place you should add to your list is the “Log Jam” in Grand Ledge. They only do breakfast on the weekend, and it’s really good. Also nearby is Sophia’s House of Pancakes, which offers a large menu and the food is also decent.

20 07 2009
Mid-Michigan Dining

If I could get my ass out of bed, we would have tried Sophia’s a long time ago. I’ve never heard of the other place….will look into it. Thanks again!

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