Blondie’s Barn

16 04 2009
  • 5640 Marsh Road
  • Haslett, MI 48840
  • (517) 339-4600
  • No Known Website
  • No Online Menu
Blondies Barn on Marsh Road in Haslett.

Blondie's Barn on Marsh Road in Haslett.

Looks like we could be going to Okemos a lot more.  I read a story in today’s paper that the company that owns Lansing Mall filed for bankruptcy protection, so who knows what will happen.  Mall operators say it won’t close, but we’ll see.  I’d rather go to Meridian Mall anyway.  J goes back and forth, but generally prefers Lansing Mall because it’s not as big, but it doesn’t have a couple key stores.  This morning, we were heading to one of the stores that Lansing Mall doesn’t have.  We timed it out, so we could do a little shopping, find lunch, and still get J home in time to go to work.

A few weeks ago, the LSJ did a story about a place in Haslett that I had never heard of.  They reviewed breakfast, but I figured if breakfast was good, lunch should be too.

We headed down Marsh Road to Blondie’s Barn which sits across the street from the Haslett Village Square shopping center.  J actually noticed.  I would have drove right by the building.  The front of the store faces away from Marsh Road, so you’re left looking at the back.  She happened to see the sign which is on the side of the building facing Haslett Road.  As you can probably guess, the building looks like an old red barn. 

We found a parking spot in front and went inside.  The inside is decorated with old farm implements and country themed paintings.  The tables are topped with quilt-like tablecloths.  The menu’s were the best thing about the atmosphere.  They were designed like little newspapers and even printed on newsprint.  A restaurant my mom works at used to do this and I always thought it was a fun idea. 

The front of Blondies Barn on Marsh Road near Haslett Road.

The front of Blondie's Barn on Marsh Road near Haslett Road.

We were shown to a booth in the main dining room.  There was another room that was sort of cut off from the main space, but it wasn’t a solid wall.  There was also a lunch counter/coffee bar which looked into the kitchen.  It was a place where the waitresses congregate and shoot the bull with regulars.  It’s also where the cash register is. 

We started with Pepsi’s, but the waitress also brought us glasses of water.  Blondie’s is known for it’s breakfast, but we were there for lunch.  Just the back two pages of the menu are devoted to lunch.  The rest of the paper is filled with delicious looking breakfast items.

J went with the grilled cheese and fries.  It was nothing out of the ordinary, but she said it was really good.  The portion was a perfect size.  She cleaned her plate, but didn’t over stuff herself.  The one thing she mentioned was the size of the bread.  It was thicker than Wonderbread, but not so thick that there was too much bread and not enough cheese.

I ordered the bacon cheeseburger.  It wasn’t a fresh patty, but it was still juicy and really good.  It was a really good diner burger.  The sandwich came with fries also which were also generic out-of-the-bag fries, but again did the trick of rounding out the meal.

Blondie’s Barn is one of those great family restaurant type places.  They are smoke-free which is a huge plus in my book.  J was super excited about that.  She was wearing an outfit she didn’t really want to smell like smoke, so the sign posted on the door declaring Blondie’s smoke free was very much welcome.  Our bill was just over eighteen bucks before tip which is perfect.  We got a great diner meal.  It wasn’t anything that stood out, but they did everything really well.  All the people we encountered seemed like they were really happy we chose Blondie’s Barn for lunch and after we ate, we were too.




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16 04 2009

Two others that you may want to try if you ever head north…

Off of old 127 in downtown DeWitt, Sam’s Kitchen…We have been there several times for breakfast/lunch and they have the best stuffed hash browns (called the 50/50) and corned beef hash I have had…I’d be there every weekend if the Boss would let me…I’m not usually a hash brown person, but these are great stuffed with cheese, onions, meat, etc…About a 20-25 minute drive…One block down from Sweetie Pie Pantry…

Another is Ryan’s Roadhouse in St. John’s…A few minutes off new 127, this place looks like a huge log cabin…The food was decent, not great, but it’s nice to stop at for a bite to eat or a beer if you are out that way or on your way home from the annual visit to Uncle John’s Cider Mill…

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