Dairy Dan – Revisited

15 04 2009
  • 7035 S. Cedar Street
  • Lansing, MI 48911
  • (517) 268-1264
  • No Known Website
  • No Online Menu
  • Original Review (4/11/08)
Dairy Dan on South Cedar Street in Lansing near the city limits.

Dairy Dan on South Cedar Street in Lansing near the city limits.

J must have been reading my mind this afternoon.  When she came home for dinner the first thing she said wasn’t “hi.”  It was, “I’m craving ice cream.”  That’s funny because I was craving ice cream too.  I was going to suggest making a quick run to Dairy Dan after dinner, but she beat me to it.

Dairy Dan is our go to when it comes to ice cream.  It was the first place we found after moving here because it’s just down the street from our apartment on South Cedar Street near the Lansing city limits.  The building is a walk up that’s only open in the summer.  They opened for the season just a few weeks ago.  We drove by all winter bummed that we couldn’t stop and get ice cream.

There is a drive-up window at Dairy Dan, but I prefer getting out and walking up to the window, so I parked under the sign and made the short walk to the window.  I know I wanted a Flurry, but I wanted to let J get a look at the other items.  Like most ice cream shops in this area, they put pictures of all their creations in the window so you know what you’re ordering.  Read the rest of this entry »