The Elusive Horseshoe

7 04 2009

When it comes to regional food, there are very few thing more regional than the horseshoe.  I grew up in Eastern Illinois and had never heard of the culinary creation until I moved to Peoria.  It’s a dish you can’t get outside of a 100 mile radius of Springfield, IL where the “sandwich” was created. 

Like most dishes, there is some conflicting reports on who actually invented it.  The most common and generally accepted story is that the sandwich was invited by two guys working at the Leland Hotel in Springfield in 1928.  That recipe lives on at Godfather’s Pizza.

It’s not very often I blog about my adventures in the kitchen, but I thought this one might be interesting to people who have never heard of this artery clogging disaster of a meal.  It’s not something I would want every night, but it’s a good “sometimes food”

The sandwich starts with two slices of toasted bread.  On top of that, just a regular hamburger.  I used some angus 80/20 I picked up at Kroger.  The next layer is a handful of fries.  I like to bake my fries in a 500 degree oven for 25 minutes….and yes, I cut my fries fresh. 

The final layer is what makes a horseshoe a horseshoe is the cheese sauce.  The recipe I’m using is supposed to be close to the original recipe.  It’s called a Welsh Rarebit sauce and uses white cheddar.  I don’t have white cheddar, so I’m just going to substitute regular Cheddar.  I also halved the recipe since I’m just cooking for myself.  Read the rest of this entry »


Press Release – Another Free Breakfast at Denny’s…

7 04 2009

..but this time it’s a buy one a Grand Slam get a Grandslamwich free…From a Denny’s press release….

After feeding two million Americans free Grand Slam Breakfasts in February, Denny’s received tens of thousands of heartfelt emails and phone calls from customers thanking Denny’s for its generosity at a time when stories of corporate greed screamed from the headlines. Consumers said they would be back.

In response, Denny’s wants to help Americans pay the good deed forward: Come back to Denny’s with someone who needs a hug, a smile or a free meal on Wednesday, April 8, 2009 from 6 am to 2 pm, order a Grand Slam and Denny’s will feed your friend the new Grand Slamwich for free.

The marketing effort foster’s trial of the new Grand Slam product, the Grand Slamwich, and once again spreads Grand Slam kindness. Denny’s wants to continue to connect with consumers who have lots of choices and limited dollars, and wants there to always be a reason to visit Denny’s.

The Grand Slamwich is made with scrambled egg, seasoned sausage, crispy bacon, shaved ham, mayonnaise and American chees grilled on potato bread with a maple spiced spread and served with hash browns. The new breakfast sandwich provides breakfast lovers with a portable and affordable “real breakfast” solution to the processed manufactured breakfasts offered elsewhere. It is normally priced at $4.99.

Quality Dairy – Pennsylvania & Kalamazoo

7 04 2009
  • 400 S. Pennsylvania Avenue
  • Lansing, MI 48912
  • (517) 319-4102
  • Website
The Quality Dairy on Pennsylvania and Kalamazoo

The Quality Dairy on Pennsylvania and Kalamazoo

The QD tour continued today.  I was on my way downtown to pick something up when I drove by a Quality Dairy I hadn’t stopped at yet.  I was thirsty and was already contemplating a Speedway stop for a Pepsi.  Yeah, I could have got the Speedy Rewards points had I went to Speedway, but I would have had to go out of my way a little bit. 

This Quality Dairy is on the corner of Pennsylvania and Kalamazoo Street.  The address is Pennsylvania, but the front of the store faces Kalamazoo.  It’s a small corner lot that is made even smaller with the gas pumps.  There are a couple pumps which today, actually had gas almost 20 cents cheaper than any place else I passed.  I should have topped off my tank, but that’s not me.

The inside of the store is small and kind of crowded.  It’s not one of the bigger, nicer stores. I found the fountain soda machine and grabbed a cup to get my Pepsi.  Right behind me wa the roller grill items.  How come those never look good to me?  Anyway, I topped off my Pepsi and went to pay.  The price wa $1.05.  Not as good as a Circle K Polar Pop, but on par with everyone else.

This shop is pretty typical of the Quality Dairy’s in the older neighborhoods.  It has all the QD favorites, but the store is small and not nearly as nice as some of the newer ones.  Who cares though?  You can still get donuts, ice cream and an Arctic Freeze.