Work at Charlie Kang’s II?

16 04 2009
Workers painting the old Charlie Kangs II on South Cedar in Lansing.

Workers painting the old Charlie Kang's II on South Cedar in Lansing.

I noticed a couple weeks ago that there was a couple large dumpsters outside Charlie Kang’s II on Cedar Street in Lansing.   We assumed someone was doing so renovating to open a new restaurant, but weren’t 100% sure.  There were no signs or anything, so I didn’t say anything. 

Today, I stopped at the Speedway next door to get a Frozen Coke and noticed some pretty big changes.  There were four guys outside the building painting it bright orange.  I would say that we should be seeing some pretty big changes over the next few weeks.  If anyone knows anything, some info would be appreciated…if not, I’ll keep you updated on what I see.




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28 04 2009

The new restaurant going in the former Charlie Kang’s will be called Fiesta Mexicana…Not sure when it will be opening though…

The former owners of Charlie Kang’s have opened Jade Garden at the site of the former Karlin’s Catch in Holt…

13 05 2009

@Corky… are you sure that the owners of Charlie Kang’s II are the new owners of Jade Garden?

18 05 2009

That’s what I was told…Part of the reason the folks at Charlie Kang’s II left that building was the very high electric/heating bills…So yes, as it was related to me, the people that opened Jade Garden are the same that used to own Charlie Kangs II…

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