Blondie’s Barn

16 04 2009
  • 5640 Marsh Road
  • Haslett, MI 48840
  • (517) 339-4600
  • No Known Website
  • No Online Menu
Blondies Barn on Marsh Road in Haslett.

Blondie's Barn on Marsh Road in Haslett.

Looks like we could be going to Okemos a lot more.  I read a story in today’s paper that the company that owns Lansing Mall filed for bankruptcy protection, so who knows what will happen.  Mall operators say it won’t close, but we’ll see.  I’d rather go to Meridian Mall anyway.  J goes back and forth, but generally prefers Lansing Mall because it’s not as big, but it doesn’t have a couple key stores.  This morning, we were heading to one of the stores that Lansing Mall doesn’t have.  We timed it out, so we could do a little shopping, find lunch, and still get J home in time to go to work.

A few weeks ago, the LSJ did a story about a place in Haslett that I had never heard of.  They reviewed breakfast, but I figured if breakfast was good, lunch should be too.

We headed down Marsh Road to Blondie’s Barn which sits across the street from the Haslett Village Square shopping center.  J actually noticed.  I would have drove right by the building.  The front of the store faces away from Marsh Road, so you’re left looking at the back.  She happened to see the sign which is on the side of the building facing Haslett Road.  As you can probably guess, the building looks like an old red barn.  Read the rest of this entry »

Mark’s Watershed

1 11 2008
  • 5965 Marsh Rd.
  • Haslett, MI 48840
  • (517) 339-4877
  • Website
  • Menu
Marks Watershed on the corner of Lake Lansing and Marsh Roads in Haslett.

Mark's Watershed on the corner of Lake Lansing and Marsh Roads in Haslett.

This was our second attempt at Mark’s Watershed.  A few months ago, we tried to stop in for lunch on a Saturday afternoon only to find the building locked up.  We were laying around watching college football (yes, J likes to watch football and we got a double header today with MSU playing early and U of Illinois playing late) and kind of lost track of time.  A little after 7:00, I asked what she wanted to do for dinner.  We had a late lunch at Menna’s Joint downtown (review HERE), so a dinner after 8:00 didn’t seem that bad.

Mark’s Watershed sits on the corner of Marsh and Lake Lansing Road.  Lake Lansing is just over a block away.  We came from Lake Lansing road which is where the parking lot actually is.  There was no doubt that they were open this time.  The parking lot was packed.  We made our way inside to the waiting area.  There was a sign on the hostess station to seat yourself, so we stepped into the dining room to find a table.  It’s not a huge space.  There are less than 20 tables.  There are booths along each wall.  The booths are made out of wood planks and they are really high backed.  There’s no worry about not having enough privacy.

After a few minutes, a waitress notices us and brings over menus.  The menu isn’t quite as big as the one I could find on-line (and linked to at the top of this review), but most of the items are there.  We started with an order of Shed Chips.  The menu describes them as “sliced russet potatoes, seasoned, fried and served with chunky bleu cheese dressing.”  I assumed they would be more like fries, but really, they were homemade potato chips and they were delicious.  The bleu cheese was served on the side, wasn’t really chunky, and there wasn’t a whole lot there.  The chips stood on their own.  Good starter. Read the rest of this entry »

Press Release – Van Atta’s Fall Family Fun Fest

15 09 2008

From a Press Release……


Haslett, Mich. – Van Atta’s Greenhouse & Flower Shop will hold a family festival with a
Celebrate Michigan theme on Saturday & Sunday September 27 & 28 from noon to 5:00
p.m. Free Michigan food will be served while local musicians provide a wide variety of
live entertainment. Many Michigan artists will be displaying their unique creations for
sale. Preserve Lake Lansing Trails will hold a fund raiser featuring a midway of games
and an obstacle course for children. There will be a Michigan 4-H petting zoo, the
Animal Resource Center, the Nature Discovery reptile & amphibian display, henna
tattooing, face painting, and much more. A clown and a juggler will perform at selected
times. Van Atta’s is located 1 ½ mile east of Marsh Road on Old M-78 in Haslett.
For more information including a schedule of musical performances and a list of
Michigan artists visit or call 517-339-1142.


Mayfair Bar

7 06 2008
  • 1585 Lake Lansing Rd.Mayfair Bar
  • Haslett, MI 48840
  • (517) 339-3880
  • Website
  • No Menu Online

I had to run some errands in the Okemos area one Saturday and had been looking forward to trying Mark’s Watershed.  Unfortunately, when we got out there, Mark’s looked closed and no one answered when we called.  I kept going down Lake Lansing to turn around and saw a brick building with a sign outside that said Mayfair Bar.  We figured what the heck.  The sign had a hamburger on it, so they must serve food.  We parked in front and ventured inside the dark bar.

When I say dark, I mean dark.  It took my eyes a few minutes to adjust.  My girlfriend just grabbed my arm and told me to find a table because she couldn’t see anything.  The bar is set-up into two rooms with a bar in the middle.  We found a booth near the bar and right on the dance floor.  There was just one waitress/bartender working the whole room.  She noticed us right away and came over with menus.  There’s not a whole lot of options.  Some hamburgers, appetizers, and sandwiches.  Some of the appetizers looked really good.  Fried ravioli.  Fried mac ‘n cheese wedges.  Some really unique options for a bar like this. Read the rest of this entry »