One Second Super Bowl Commercials

30 01 2009

Not being a huge pro football fan, most years, I could care less about the Super Bowl, but like most people, I can’t help but watch.  I think it’s pretty sad that advertisers spend so much money on ads, but it’s the only time of the year people watch TV for the commercials.

When I saw this story on Miller’s strategy for the big game, I had to chuckle a little bit.

With their brand recognition in solid standing, they’re now betting on a 1-second commercial to carry the brand through the Super Bowl. Thirty second commercials run a cool $3 million during the Super Bowl, and as Middlebrooks, the voracious delivery man declares “I don’t care how big the game is, who’s got $3 million?”

Nice.  So not only does Miller get commercial time, they have every news media and blogger giving them free advertisement for this quirky plan.  I think it’s hilarious.  I saw some of the commercials on CNN the other day and they’re really funny…even if they’re only a second long.

Even funnier, as I’m writing this, I’m watching reruns on Yes Dear on TBS…I just saw a 30 second Miller High LIfe spot advertising the 1 second spots during the Super Bowl. 




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