Circle K – Oak Lawn, IL

1 12 2008
  • 10601 S. Cicero Ave.
  • Oak Lawn, IL 60435
  • (708) 422-2449
  • Website
The Circle K on South Cicero Street in Oak Lawn, IL

The Circle K on South Cicero Street in Oak Lawn, IL

I don’t know what it is about Polar Pops that I crave, but fortunately, there’s a Circle K on the way from J’s parents to the Interstate back to Michigan.  After almost a week in Chicago, it was time to pack my truck back up and head north….but not before a stop at the Circle K.

If you read this blog, you know I’ve blogged in the past about there not being a Circle K in Lansing.  I don’t know why I have an affinity for the Polar Pop.  It’s not like the Pepsi that comes out of their machine is any different than the Pepsi that comes out of the machine at the Speedway down on the corner.  I think it has more to do with my daily routine when I Iived in Peoria. 

At least once during the day, I would stop at one of the many Circle K’s in the area to grab a pop.  Some days it was more than once.  On days when I had to be to work at 3 AM, I always stopped.  Some people need coffee.  I need Pepsi…at least I did then.  The point is, I need caffeine.

Our two Polar Pops in the cup holders in my truck.

Our two Polar Pops in the cup holders in my truck.

So, just for old times sake and because I needed a pop for the road, we stopped at the Circle K on Cicero just down the road from her parents.  It’s funny because the thing I hate at most gas stations doesn’t bother me at the Circle K.  The cups are Styrofoam.  The thing I like about this Circle K is it’s one of the stores that gives you a choice between crushed or cubed ice.  I like the crushed ice.

The reason I would stop so often when I worked in Peoria was because of the price.  Polar Pops were only $.69 so I could get a full 32 oz. of pop for less than a buck.  To buy a bottle, I would pay over $1.50.  Even to buy a can out of the vending machine at work I would end up paying a buck, so being able to get more pop for less sounded like a good deal.

Once again, I plead for Circle K to open a store in Lansing…preferably in the south part of town near my place 🙂




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