Press Release – City Market Public Meeting

5 12 2008

From a LEPFA press release..


Lansing, MI— Officials will hold a public meeting in order to gain further input on proposed designs of the new Lansing City Market. The meeting will occur on Thursday, December 18, at 6:00p.m. in the Governor’s Room at the Lansing Center, 333 E. Michigan Ave..

Studio Intrigue Architects, a Lansing-based firm, has been selected to design the new Market. The firm has held two charrettes with the City Market Vendors Association to generate and prioritize concepts for the proposed design. Those ideas, along with suggestions from previous public charrettes, a USDA architect, Michigan State University specialists and LEPFA management have been transformed by Studio Intrigue into design schematics.

“The use of sustainable and ‘green’ technology principles, maintaining the local character, and soliciting input from surrounding businesses and Lansing residents, are all critical to the overall vision of this plan,” said Eric Hart, Lansing Entertainment & Public Facilities Authority (LEPFA) President and CEO. “The meeting will further discussion of the designs proposed for the market,” Hart continued. All members of the community are encouraged to attend the December 18 presentation and participate in the process.

“We want to create a market that is an integral piece of both the downtown landscape and riverfront
re-development. Our hope is that it will fit Lansing’s vision for the future. To do that, we need to rely on public involvement and feedback,” Hart said.

The historic Lansing City Market is managed by LEPFA and was established by the City of Lansing in 1909. It has been located at the corner of Cedar Street and Shiawassee since 1938. It is home to high-quality local farmers, food merchants and artisans that bring their goods to sell to the public in a warm, family-friendly environment. Vendors provide the best-in-quality items at reasonable prices in a unique and inviting atmosphere. Visit the Lansing City Market to experience our personal touch while shopping for the freshest, finest, local products available in the region.

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Barley’s American Grill (Revisited)

5 12 2008
Barleys American Grill on Miller Road decorated for Christmas

Barley's American Grill on Miller Road decorated for Christmas

I originally reviewed Barley’s American Grill not long after moving to Lansing.  At that time, I had no idea it would become our regular hangout.  Both J and I enjoyed the food and the atmosphere, but we’re not really “go out for a beer” regulars.  Every now and then it’s nice, but we’ve never really had a regular hangout.  A few weeks after the initial review, J got a new co-worker and they decided Thursday night was going to be “Beer Thursday” after they got off work at 11:30.  The closest bar to their place of employment is Barley’s American Grill and it’s on the way home for both of them, so that’s what they picked. 

Barley’s American Grill is behind the Meijer on Miller Road.  It’s a huge building with a good size dining room, a good size bar, and a huge gaming area with multiple pool tables and dart boards.  We have our usual booth along the back wall and our usual waitress who doesn’t even come over to ask what we want anymore.  Since it’s 11:30 at night, we usually don’t go for large food items, but we do get a couple appetizers. 

The usual for us is a Blue Moon for J’s co-worker, a Bud Light draft for me, and a frozen strawberry Daiquiri for J.  As for the appetizers, the girls almost always order the spinach-artichoke dip which comes with toasted bagels.  The bagels are the best part.  Instead of throwing some chips out of a bag with the dip, they thinly slice bagels, butter, and toast them.  They’re delicious on their own.  I’m not a fan of spinach or artichoke so I usually pass.  If they have any bagles left over, I’ll try to steal one just to eat by itself. Read the rest of this entry »