Smoking Ban Referendum?

2 12 2008

Could it happen?  According to a story I saw on ABC 3 tonight, if the bill is not passed in the lame duck session, we could soon see it on the ballot.

If the bill doesn’t pass during the lame duck session,  health officials may not be out of luck.

A ballot initiative could be considered, but many feel that option would be too costly.

Well, we COULD see it on the ballot, but my sources say that those health officials don’t think it’s worth the money to put it on the ballot.  They believe in it, but only if they don’t have to pay for it.  Nice.




One response

2 12 2008

I suspect more likely is the fact they realize they are close to getting something passed this year — if they agree to a few exemptions — and even if they don’t, odds are good the state will have some ban in place next year or at least certainly before 2011, which is when any ballot-passed law would take effect.

There’s also the issue of the $5 million or so it would take to get on the ballot. Not a lot of people looking to fund that in this economy. The health groups lost a ton of money here back in 2002 trying to force the state to use the tobacco settlement for health care instead of college scholarships in a failed ballot drive.

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