Mike’s Village Restaurant

30 07 2008
  • 115 N. Bridge St.
  • Dimondale, MI 48821
  • (517) 646-6804
  • No Known Website
  • Menu
Mikes Village Restaurant in downtown Dimondale

Mike's Village Restaurant in downtown Dimondale

I’m not sure how I first heard about Mike’s.  I’m pretty sure I saw a recommendation posted a couple years ago on Chowhound.  When we were at the farmer’s market at the State Capitol last week, I heard a lady advertising the Dimondale Farmer’s Market.  When someone asked her where it was, she said, “Across from the restaurant.  You know, Mike’s.”  From that comment, it sounded like it’s one of those places that everyone in the area knows about. 

We made our weekly trip to Horrock’s and Wal-Mart.  Like most of the trips, it was around lunchtime.  Dimondale is sort of on the way home so we started heading that way.  I didn’t grab an address, but I told my girlfriend to put the city center of Dimondal in the GPS.  I had a sneaking suspicion that it would get us to the right place.  Once we turned on Bridge St., we actually found quite a few restaurants which was a little surprising for such a small town.

Mike’s Village Restaurant wasn’t quite what I was expecting.  What I was expecting was a fairly good size family restaurant.  What we found was a somewhat small family diner.  The green awning out front let us know we were in the right place.  Mike’s is probably a turn of the century store front.  The entry way is up a couple steps and has an old, heavy, wooden door that pushes in to open. I tried to pull and couldn’t figure out why it wouldn’t open.  Once I figured it out, I went in first and went to pass the weight of the door back to my girlfriend.  Instead, it closed in a hurry and almost smashed her.  Neither of us were expecting that and now I feel bad. 

The inside is filled with wobbly, cheaply made diner tables and chairs.  There’s a breakfast counter at the front of the first room with a few stools if you’re just looking to enjoy some coffee.  There’s another room off to the right that we didn’t see at first, but through the doorway, we could see the salad bar and what looked like a bin full of homemade tortilla chips. 

Across Bridge St. from Mikes Village Restaurant in downtown Dimondale

Across Bridge St. from Mike's Village Restaurant in downtown Dimondale

Our waiter came over with a couple glasses of water and informed us of the specials.  There were already paper menus on the table, so we were already looking them over when he brought the glasses.  A few minutes later, he came back and we were ready to order.  There were a few sandwiches that looked good, but I went with the cheeseburger.  Later, I noticed there was a wing ding platter on the menu and I wished I would have seen that.  Wing dings were a favorite of mine at a similar type place back home.  I got the burger plain with just cheddar cheese.  Fries were extra so I got an order.  The menu has “American Fries” and French Fries.  Again, I didn’t look over the menu very closely.  I saw the American Fries and assumed they were the only ones.  The menu makes them sound like fresh cut fries.  What I got was out of the bag restaurant fries.  The prices are the same so I don’t see why they have two kinds of fries.  The burger was served on a fresh toasted homemade bun which was delicious.  It didn’t have the volume that buns usually have so you got a lot of meat in each bite.  This is one of the places that I load up on salt.  Again, a habbit from the cheap diners I grew up in.  The salt that hits the plate I wipe up with the burger.  It’s so stupid, but it tastes soooo good.

My girlfriend got the Club sandwich.  I saw the waiter grab it from the kitchen and told her she better be hungry.  They use toasted homemade bread again and there’s three slices that are stacked with bacon, lettuce, tomato, mayo, ham and turkey.  She also got an order of fries and passed off one section of her sandwich to me.  The sandwich had a lot of meat on it and neither of us had a complaint about that.

The unique thing about Mike’s Village Restaurant is the baking that they do.  Over along the wall, there was a rack of homemade bread and pies for sale.  I know at least one lady came in to get some bread while we were there and another tray was brought out and priced for sale.  For $2.25 you could have a loaf of fresh, sliced bread. 

Our meal with two Cokes was just over $15.  Mike’s is the kind of gathering place for the community that every town needs.  When my grandparents worked the field, they would always stop in the local restaurant for coffee before and after work just to catch up.  Mike’s is a throwback to the days before e-mail, instant messaging and cell phones.  It’s the kind of place where you go to shoot the breeze over a cup of coffee and get some breakfast before the workday.  Every one who walked into the place was greated by name and given a hard time.  One guy was eating lunch, sipping a cup of coffee, and reading the paper when we were there.  Another guy walked in on his lunch break and sat down at the table across from the first guy so they could BS a little.  Mike’s has been in Dimondale since 1968.  It’s the classic small town diner with great homemade food.




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30 07 2008

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