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16 07 2008

I got tickets to an upcoming Tigers game.  It’ll be the first time we’ve ventured into Detroit and we need help finding a good restaurant.

If possible, we’d like something in the downtown area near Comerica Park but not necissarly within walking distance. 

Neither one of us are really big on ethnic foods.  Preferably something like a pub or even a nice sit down restaurant is fine.  Anything that just screams Detroit cuisine is even better, but I’m not really looking for a hot dog joint this time. 

If we decided to go outside of the city, what are some suggestions?  I’ve heard Red Coat Tavern in Royal Oak has the best burgers in town and that’s very tempting.  Anything else?




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16 07 2008

Red Coat is very good (or so I’m told)
But also, Pizza Pappolis in Greektown has really good pizza!
There are a lot of places close and around Comerica!
Happy Eats!

17 07 2008

If you’re looking for Pizza, I agree with JenO–Pizza Pappolis DOES have some good Pizza…Even the Pizza snob in me found it to be better than 98% of the Pizza I’ve had in Michigan.

But my vote is for Union Street Saloon at 4145 Woodward Avenue–right up from Comerica Park. Amy was a regular there when she lived/worked nearby. The fact that she was a “frequent diner” says alot about the place! Located in an absolutely GORGEOUS old building across from the historic Majestic Theater (we eat at Union Street whenever we spend the day walking/eating our way through Detroit’s Eastern Market or whenever we are going to the Magic Bag or Magic Stick to see Reverend Horton Heat or Dick Dale in concert) but we are both willing to go out of our way to eat at Union Street, it is THAT good! My palate is pretty simple (no spicy stuff, please!) and I am fairly hard to please in the food department, but I always look forward to dining at Union Street! Amy and I do not agree on many restaurants, but we BOTH agree on Union Street…it’s great! A mixed and diverse clientele, don’t let people standing in line outside stop you from going in…you will see some folks all dressed-up and many in jeans and t-shirts (like us). I think they have a website with a menu online…

17 07 2008

On Michigan Ave, just past the old Tiger Stadium, (which alone is worth driving by to see as this historic building is currently being torn down), is a fantastic BBQ place called “Slow’s”

It’s not cheap, but it’s well worth the price!!!

17 07 2008
Mid-Michigan Dining

Thanks for all the suggestions. Looks like we got a couple good options.

18 07 2008

If you eat in Greektown (where Pizza Pappalis is located), you must stop at Astoria Pastry Shop afterwards. Its a law or at least it should be.
Open until midnight, you could go there after the game too.

Red Coat Tavern is pretty good but can be extremely busy with long wait times. You might be able to call ahead though.

21 07 2008

I agree with Corky on Union Street and that in and of itself is a big deal since we don’t agree on a lot of restaurants. I used to work at the Detroit Medical Center and we ate there all the time and went for happy hour…they have great drinks! Slow’s is awesome too…I have been there several times.

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