East Lansing Coffee Shop Set to Open 100th Store

10 07 2008

East Lansing’s own Biggby Coffee is gearing up for the grand opening of it’s 100th store.  The grand opening of the Biggby Coffee in Bloomfield will be next Tuesday, July 15th.  As an added bonus, the 100th customer at every Biggby store will get a free cup of coffee.Biggby Coffee

How crazy is it that a small coffee shop from East Lansing is expanding and competing in a market that was flooded with specialty coffee shops?  There’s a funny story on Bob Fish’s (CEO and Co-Founder) blog about a store in Davison that just opened and the next day, the McDonald’s across the street gave away free coffee. 

The company is not planning on stopping at 100.  According to the State News, they plan to double their franchises every two years with a planned 250 by 2010.

Biggby Coffee plans to open 73 more stores in the next two years, and to have more than 250 stores by 2010.

“We’re aggressively expanding in the Midwest and the Southeast, and we do have a growth plan to continue to double our units every two years,” (Biggby President Michael) McFall said.

As for the East Lansing area, the company is planning to develop another store at the intersection of Jolly and Dunkel roads, he said.




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