Russian Dairy Farmer’s Tour US Plants

8 07 2008

I like this story.  A company right here in Michigan helps foreign companies set up shop  here in the U.S. instead of the other way around.  Last week, officials from the Russian Department of Agriculture and several dairy farmer’s were shown around U.S. dairy operations by Vreba-Hoff Dairy Development which is based in Hudson, MI.  From a press release…..

The group toured both Vreba-Hoff dairy farms located in Hudson, Michigan – home to more than 5,500 dairy cows that produce more than 20 million gallons of whole milk per year.

This was such a great experience for our Russian guests,” said Cecilia Conway, Vreba-Hoff spokeswomen. “It was a remarkable opportunity to show our international visitors the modern milk production techniques that are utilized at our farms.” 

Moscow News revealed that almost 20 percent of Russian dairies are in urgent need of renovation and another 40 percent are in an unsatisfactory state. Further, Russian milk producers were not adequately regulating the milk’s temperature during delivery and pasteurization, leading to hundreds of cases of food poisoning.  Despite the recent outbreaks, Russian dairy consumption continues to increase, leading to the cost of dairy products more than doubling in the past five years.

“We are proud to be able to share and demonstrate our method of milk production that will help produce a safe, quality product for consumers on the other side of the world,” said Conway.  “This visit may open new business opportunities for us.”




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