Seen the New Milk Jugs?

1 07 2008

I guess Sam’s Club and Costco are starting to stock these, but I haven’t seen them yet.  They’re more boxy and according to consumers, harder to use.  The idea is that the new jugs are better for the environment, cheaper to ship and ultimately, cheaper for consumers.  Those consumer’s aren’t giving the product rave reviews though.

The jugs have no real spout, and their unorthodox shape makes consumers feel like novices at the simple task of pouring a glass of milk.

“I hate it,” said Lisa DeHoff, a cafe owner shopping in a Sam’s Club here.

“It spills everywhere,” said Amy Wise, a homemaker.

“It’s very hard for kids to pour,” said Lee Morris, who was shopping for her grandchildren.

And, here’s a picture of what we’re talking about.

New Milk Jugs

I don’t really get it from the picture.  It doesn’t look all the differernt from the old jugs.  It actually looks more like an anti-freeze jug than a milk jub.  If you can pour fluids into your car into a little hole, I’m sure with a little practice, you can hit your bowl of cereal.  Anyone seen or bought one of these yet?  The NY Times article says they could be rolled out at Wal-Mart’s nationwide fairly soon.




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