Fat Boys Pizza & Subs

16 06 2008
  • 2040 Aurelius Rd.Fat Boys Pizza & Subs
  • Holt, MI 48842
  • (517) 699-2400
  • Website
  • Menu

After a long day at Michigan International Speedway for the Nascar Sprint Cup race, my girlfriend and I were exhausted and just needed food.  As I’ve mentioned many times before in this blog, I’m looking for that “gotta have it” local pizza.  Fat Boys may just be it.

The store is located in a shopping center on Aurelius Road in Holt.  They do delivery, but I drove by the store one other time and it looked like there were tables, so we deiced to go to the shop with plans on eating there.  I was wrong about that.  There’s a counter with some bar stools that we probably could have eaten at, but I’m assuming those are used more for lunch.  My girlfriend isn’t much of a meat eater, so we pretty much always get a cheese pizza, so there’s not too much of a reason to look at the menu.  We ordered a large cheese then sat down and read a copy of the LSJ that was sitting on the counter while we waited.  The guy that took our order said it would be about ten minutes, but I don’t even think it took that long.

We grabbed out pizza then headed home to watch all of the shows we had to Tivo over the weekend.  I opened up the box and the pie looked promising.  Fat Boys’ pizzas are a thin, chewey crust.  There’s not a lot structure to the homemade crust and it doesn’t keep it’s shape when you pick up the slice, so it takes two hands to eat.  It’s kind of a New York style quality, but this is not a New York style pizza. 

I took my first bite and I was hooked.  This is the pizza I’ve been looking for.  Others might not agree, but when I order a pizza, this is what I want.  We had a place back in Illinois that served a very similar pizza and we ordered from them quite often.  While the crust is soft, the cheese is a deep golden brown.  There was just enough sauce and just enough cheese.  The cheese stuck to the crust so I didn’t end up with a hot cheese plastered to my chin.

Fat Boys offers more than just pizza.  There’s a whole list of sides and quite a few subs.  Something unique about Fat Boys is they actually sell their dough, so you can make pizza at home without the hassle of making it yourself.  That’s something I’ve seen a lot in bigger cities and I’m excited to know that a pizzeria right around the corner does the same.

This is it…at least for me.  I don’t think everyone is going to agree with me that Fat Boys is the best pizza (that I’ve had so far, but I think it will be tough to beat anyway) in the Greater Lansing area.  Now that I’ve found it, I’m afraid I won’t try other pizza’s.  There’s still a few local chains I haven’t tried.  Fat Boys will most likely get used to seeing my face.




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10 08 2008
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20 02 2012
Sick and tired of bad service

My favorite pizza place. Most of the time that have really good pizza but there is the every once in a while flub. We order almost all of our pizza’s from here. The dough has a good flavor and the cheese is great, sauce not sweet but a good pizza sauce.

12 08 2015

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