Hungry Howie’s Pizza – Holt

10 08 2008
  • 2361 Cedar St.
  • Holt, MI 48842
  • (517) 699-9000
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Hungry Howies Pizza in Holt

Hungry Howie's Pizza in Holt

It was a long weekend.  We spent all weekend in Chicago and the drive home always seems to take forever.  We got stuck in traffic right away when we jumped on I-94 and stayed in bumper-to-bumper traffic until we got the 35th Street.  There were a lot of people trying to get to U.S. Cellular Field ten minutes before the game was about to start.  We hit a lot of traffic on the Skyway (I-90) leaving town and no one had I-Pass so the lines to the manned tollbooths were backed up.  Then, we got into Indiana, we came up on an accident on I-94 where traffic was at a standstill.  By the time we finally made it back to Lansing, neither of us were in the mood to cook dinner.

For some reason, J was craving pizza.  I said that sounded good to me.  We were sitting on the couch wathing the Olympics and a pizza sounded like a good solution.  We haven’t had Hungry Howie’s yet and their ads always intrique me with their flavored crusts.

I got on Google and found the Hungry Howie’s in Holt across from L & L Food Center.  We’re still on that quest for the “perfect pizza.”  There’s a front runner, but we want to give all the local delivery places a try.  Hungry Howie is a home grown chain.  Their numbers are in excess of 500 locations nationwide, but their offices are here in Michigan in Madison Heights. 

A large cheese pizza from Hungry Howies Pizza in Holt

A large cheese pizza from Hungry Howie's Pizza in Holt

We ordered our usual large cheese pizza with a butter cheese crust.  J doesn’t like pepperoni and I always find it a hassle to ask for half and half.  Plus, what happens if she’s hungrier than I am or she wants to take left overs to work?  She was also craving a dessert pizza.  They didn’t have a dessert pizza, but they did have what she wanted in their Howie Cinnamon Bread.  When I called to order the person taking the order asked if I had any coupons.  I told her I didn’t, but she told me to hang on and she’d look to see if she had anything.  She found a coupon for a deal on Sunday’s and saved me $2.50.  Something she didn’t have to do, but I appreciate her taking the time to do it.

I decided to go for pick up just to get some fresh air.  The storefront is delivery only.  There are no tables or anyway to order and dine-in.  The parking situation is pretty bad.  There’s really no place to park. I just pulled in front of the building and I think my tires were actually on the sidewalk, but I wasn’t going to be long.  I went in to pick up my pizza.  It was ready and waiting to go about 15 minutes after I called.  The bill for the pizza and the bread was just over $11.  Hard to beat that.

I got the pizza home and we dug in.  J put the cinnamon bread on the other side of the table so she wouldn’t be tempted to just eat that and skip on the pizza.  The pizza was thinner than most chain delivery places, but thicker than I like it.  The cheese was just barely browned on top.  It almost tasted like there were chunks of tomatoes in the sauce.  J said she really liked it, but I thought it was a little too doughy.  I like a thinner crust with a crunch to it.  I liked the pizza, but still not that perfect pizza I’ve been looking for.  I really liked the crust though.  I love the fact you get to choose a flavored crust.  The butter cheese crust we ordered made eating the end of the pizza just as exciting as eating the meat of it.

An order of Howie Cinnamon Bread from Hungry Howies Pizza

An order of Howie Cinnamon Bread from Hungry Howie's Pizza

The Howie Cinnamon Bread was exactly what J wanted.  After two pieces of pizza, she reached over and grabbed the bread.  The cinnamon sugar had started to pile in the center.  Again, I thought the bread was doughy which made it chewy and hard to eat.  The flavor was fantastic though.  They gave us a cup of icing dipping sauce on the side.  J loved it and actually grabbed a few pieces and walked away from the table to keep herself from eating the whole thing.

We ended up with about half a pizza and half of the cinnamon bread left.  It’s been a long day, so neither of us had a huge appetite.  The pizza hit the spot.  It’s just like in college when you would need greasy food the day after a party because for some unexplainable reason, it calm your stomach.   Hungry Howie’s still isn’t what I was looking for, but it is good pizza.  I’d rate it as number three right now behind Fat Boys (review HERE) and Pizza Al Forno (review HERE), but it is the best chain pizza I’ve had in Lansing




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11 08 2008
Ryan's Restaurant Marketing

That pizza does look quite delicious. Although, I would never order cheese pizza. It just seems like it has an overwhelming lack of flavor.

12 08 2008

Did you like the flavored crust? I know that’s kind of their thing since it comes “free” with the pizza. I’m also trying to remember if their Howie Bread is good, but it’s been so long I’m drawing a blank!

13 07 2011
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