Guido’s Premium Pizza – Okemos

10 01 2009
  • 1754 Central Park Drive
  • Okemos, MI 48864
  • (517) 347-3030
  • Website
  • Menu
Guidos Premium Pizza on Central Park Drive in Okemos.

Guido's Premium Pizza on Central Park Drive in Okemos.

Is eight inches of snow a reason to stay home and not go shopping?  Of course not.  J and I wanted to run to Meridian Mall to make good use of some gift cards we got for Christmas.  The fact that it snowing wasn’t going to keep me home.  I can’t take that many days in a row in front of the TV with a Wii controller in my hand.  Before shopping came lunch though.  A month or two ago, I got a comment from someone at Guido’s Premium Pizza.  I had read another review on the place months ago on Runs With Spatula, but had pretty much forgotten about the joint until I got that comment.  J and I are still looking for good pizza places, so we decided to give Guido’s a shot.

Guido’s Premium Pizza is located in a strip mall near the Walmart on Central Park Drive.  There are quite a few other eateries in that area.  Guido’s isn’t unique to the Lansing area.  They have nine other locations, but all are in Michigan.  The shop isn’t that big, but they do have a handful of tables which was perfect for us.  We made our to the counter to order.  A guy came out from the kitchen to take care of us.  When it comes to pizza, J likes thin and crispy.  I like either thin and crispy or a Chicago deep dish.  Neither one of us are fans of the inbetween hand tossed pie that most chain pizza joints do. 

Guido’s has the option of three crust types.  They have the hand tossed, a square deep dish, and a thin crust.  Perfect.  We ordered the thin crust with the spicy fire roasted sauce.  The other two options are the original recipe or chunky tomato.  We also put in an order for motz bread and two drinks.  The total was just over $20.  We grabbed our drinks (a Mt. Dew and a Diet Pepsi) then took a seat at one of the tables.

Guidos Premium Pizza near Meridian Mall in Okemos

Guido's Premium Pizza near Meridian Mall in Okemos

The motz bread came up first.  It’s like a little mini pizza with mozzarella cheese, Muenster cheese, Parmesan, butter, and garlic.  It was served with a small cup of the original sauce on the side.  The bread was delicious.  I could have eaten that as a meal.  The dipping sauce was good, but cold.  It needed to be warmed a little.  Still, the flavor was great.

A few minutes later, our pizza came out.  Finally!  Thin, crispy and golden brown.  We ordered a large pizza with the intention of left overs and it was obvious we were going to have those left overs.  The pizza was great.  The fire roasted sauce had a great flavor and just a little bit of heat.  It wasn’t a strong heat, but just enough.  When we order pizza from our favorite place in Chicago, we order it “well done” to make sure the cheese gets nice and golden.  This pizza came out that way without us having to ask.  J’s not a big topping fan, so we just got a cheese pizza, but it was still really good and right up there with some of the better thin crust pizza’s we’ve had. 

Like we figured, there was about half a pizza left when we were done eating.  I polished off that last piece of the motz bread just becuase.  I went up to the counter to get a box.  It took a few minutes for me to get someone’s attention in the kitchen, but eventually, someone did.  They gave me one of thos styrofoam to go boxes and we filled it up with the remaining pizza. 

Guido’s Premium Pizza was great.   So far in the Lansing area, the only other pizza we’ve found that we’ve really liked is Fat Boys Pizza in Holt (review HERE).  The others have all been good, but none have been that thin and crispy that we really like.  It’s too bad Guido’s is so far from South Lansing where we live because they would definitely put up a fight for where we order from.




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