The Beach Bar

16 06 2008
  • 3509 Ocean BeachThe Beach Bar
  • Clarklake, MI 49234
  • (517) 529-4211
  • Website
  • Menu

The Beach Bar is one of those places that is really off the beaten path.  We left Michigan International Speedway after the Craftsman Truck Series race hungry and needing a place to eat.  The Beach Bar is one of the suggested places on, so I found a website and was impressed (again, I reiterate, restaurant owners, YOU NEED A WEBSITE if you want to be found).  We left the track and the GPS took us back into Brooklyn to Clarklake Road.  After winding through the Irish Hills and down what seemed like some country roads, we came upon Clark Lake.  My companions in the truck with me were starting to wonder if we were going the wrong way until we hit the lake which is a beautfiful site.  All of a sudden, I looked to the right and there was this big building right across from the docks.  I was almost expecting a little hole in the wall, but this was a big, nice looking building.  I was also somewhat expecting it to be packed since we were still fairly close to MIS.

When you walk in, there’s a little area for carry-outs.  I think it’s pretty safe to assume they do a pretty good carry-out business with the lake across the street.  People come in for food, but want to sit on their boats.  You go through that room and enter the bar.  The hostess station is almost in the middle of the room and it took us a while to notice it.  I almost suggested just grabbing a station when my buddy saw the hostess.  We were shown to a table in the non-smoking section near the back of the restaurant.  the space is divided by a game room area with the smoking section in the front of the space near the bar.

The menu was mostly sandwiches with pizza and salads offered as well.  The surprising thing was there were no hamburgers on the menu.  I thought that was a little wierd for a bar, but I wasn’t in the mood for a hamburger anyway.  I ordered the Skinny Dip which is thier version of a French Dip.  Wow, was this sandwich good.  The French Dip is a national version of the Chicago Italian Beef.  In most parts of the country, the two terms are substituted for one another even though they are not the same.  The meat on the sandwich was sliced super thin like Italian Beef would be.  It was served on a seasame seed bun with a huge cup of au jus on the side.  I like a lot of au jus with my sandwich and dipped every bite.  Even doing so, I didn’t use the whole cup.  All the meals are served with a bag of Lay’s Kettle Chips and a pickle spear.  I hadn’t eaten all day since I missed the catered lunch at MIS and the concession stand in the infield only had hot dogs, so I was starving.  This sandwich went a long way to fix that.

My dad got the same sandwich I did and I’m pretty sure he liked it as well.  My buddy got the Southwestern Chicken Wrap.  The chili cilantro tortilla was filled with seasoned chicken, lettuce, tomato, cheddar cheese, black bean corn relish, and a homemade chipotle sauce.  He hadn’t eaten a whole lot that day either, so like me, just tore through that wrap.  He said he liked it and the flavors were unique and like nothing he had ever had before.

My girlfriend got the turkey club wrap.  Her flour tortilla came filled with sliced turkey breast, bacon, tomato, lettuce, avocado, and mayo.  There was a lot of turkey in there and she pulled some and passed it to me to help with my big appetite.  Like the rest of us, she was happy with her sandwich and the chips.

The Beach Bar was surprising.  When I take family out to dinner they always ask how I find these places.  The Beach Bar is a place I never would have accidently found and even though it proved a little tougher to get to with race traffic, I’m glad we did.  If you ever take a weekend trip to the lake, find The Beach Bar.  You won’t be disappointed.




19 responses

18 06 2008

Did anyone try the tomato soup? It is awesome and I have the recipe if you want it. I work in Jackson County and occasionally have work functions there. I mainly work in the north part of the county though, so I don’t make it in there often. It is WAY out there!

1 10 2009

Amy, Some how I have lost my recipe for the tomato soup severed at the Beach Bar Restaurant at Clark Lake,MI. You say you have a copy of it. Would you mind sharing it with me. Thanks Deb

31 08 2011

Please, I would love the recipe, send it to my Gmail @, I would be so thankful, I,m up in age & I love soup & sandwich’s & not a lot of big kinds of food. I would thank you again. Miss judy

28 12 2011

I too have a portion of the beach bar tomato soup recipe but not quanitites do you have it? would appreciate sharing it.

9 04 2013
Kathy Fluharty

This is my favorite soup! I would love to have the recipe if you would be so kind to share it with me. Thank you so much.

9 04 2013
Mike Morris

Kathy , could you please send me the Beach Bar Tomato Soup recipe..
Mike Morris ( Jackson MI )

9 04 2013

I would love the recipe

Thank you

18 06 2008
Mid-Michigan Dining

No, no one did. We had been outside and hot all day…I think all four of us had some kind of sunburn. Soup didn’t sound good at that point.

1 10 2009

I would like the recipe for the tomato soup server at the Beach Bar Restaurant at Clark Lake , MI Thanks

16 11 2009

Could someone please post the tomato soup recipe? It is so delicious, I have come across some versions of it, but would appreciate the original. Thank you!

28 01 2010

I am DESPERATELY looking for the crab bisque recipe from the Beach Bar. I knew a woman who had it, but she has since passed away and nobody seems to know where her recipe is. Can you help???

17 01 2012

B.B.’s Crab Bisque recipe is desired here as well. Anyone have it, or were you able to locate it Shannon?? If so, please email to Thanks so much!!

30 08 2011
Merrill Braymer

Amy do you have the recipe for Ocean Beach Bar Tomatoe soup. I live 50 miles away and do not get there very often. Would love the recipe.

9 08 2012

I would love the tomato soup recipe. please send to

31 10 2012
Darcy Hoyes

Please post. Miss it!

1 11 2012
Katie Poinsette

Yes, please post or send me the recipe. As I live in Florida now, I really miss it, especially in “colder” weather. On line today searching for the recipe, in fact!

21 12 2012

I would love the tomato soup recipe!!

25 02 2013
Mike Morris

Could you please send me the Beach Bar tomato soup recipe. I have misplaced mine. Thanks

9 10 2016

Would love the recipe! Thank you!

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