Governor Honors Final Four Bet

13 04 2009

From Governor Granholm’s blog.

Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm

Photo courtesy - Jennifer Granholm: The Conversation For Michigan's Future

 Krispy Kreme is the best they could do?  I guess since the Krispy Kreme in Lansing Township is boarded up, it’s something Lansing doesn’t have, but come on.   How about Bojangles?  Some good Carolina pork or something other than a baby blue donut and something you can’t get in Mid-Michigan.  It’s about as good as Senator Stabenow putting Little Ceasars on the line.


Press Release – Governor’s Bet on NCAA Championship

5 04 2009

From a press release from the Governor’s office.  It doesn’t say what food is on the line, but I would put up a Michigan Cherry Pie vs. some Carolina Pork. 

Governors Granholm, Perdue Place Friendly Wager on NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship

LANSING – Governor Jennifer M. Granholm today placed a friendly wager with North Carolina Governor Beverly Perdue that the Michigan State University Spartans will win the 2009 NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship when they play the University of North Carolina Tar Heels Monday night at Ford Field in Detroit.

“Coach Tom Izzo and the Michigan State University Spartan men have given the state of Michigan a great gift – the chance at a national championship from the hardest working team in college basketball,” Granholm said.  “Thanks to the Spartans for uplifting our entire state and for giving us hope.  Their victory Saturday night was our victory, and we wish them great success in the championship game Monday night.”

Granholm and Perdue have agreed that the governor of the losing team must be photographed enjoying some tasty treats from the winning state while wearing the winning team’s jersey and hat.  A photo of the occasion must be publicly released.  The governor of the losing team also will donate $100 to a local food bank in the winning team’s state.

Over the years, Governor Granholm has placed similar wagers with other governors in observance of championship games with the governor sending gift packages that include Faygo soft drinks, Kowalski sausage, Bell’s beer, and Michigan cherry products.
Governor Granholm attended Saturday night’s semi-final championship game between the MSU Spartans and the University of Connecticut Huskies.  She is scheduled to attend the championship game Monday evening between Michigan State and North Carolina.

Could Liquor License Renewal Fees Increase?

24 02 2009

That’s one of Jennifer Granholm’s proposal’s for balancing the budget.  I saw this story in the Jackson Citizen-Patriot late last week.

Local bar owners are not happy with what Gov. Jennifer Granholm wants to serve up in 2010 — a doubling of their annual liquor license renewal fees.

Granholm is seeking to raise the fees — which haven’t been increased since 1976 — as a way to help solve the state’s massive budget deficit.

“It’s a 100 percent tax increase,” said Jeff Veach, owner of Veach’s Office Bar in downtown Jackson.

So, it’s been 30 years since there’s been an increase in liquor license renewal fees.  30 years!  That seems like a long time.  With the rate of inflation, a doubling of the fees seems cheap.  It sucks that it could happen now when everyone is struggling.  It’s kind of a vicious cycle.  If business fees aren’t increased, then they’ll have to find another stream of revenue such as property or income tax hikes, but it just seems like doing business in Michigan is getting harder and harder.

Press Release- Gov. Granholm Visits Farmer’s Market

24 07 2008

I’ll have more on this later tonight.  My girlfriend and I made it down there and wound up with some good stuff.  For now, here’s a press release from the Governor’s office on her stop there this morning.

Granholm Visits Capitol Farmers’ Market, Underscores Benefits of Supporting Local Economy
Encourages citizens to visit SaveMoney Web site for money-saving tips
LANSING – Governor Jennifer M. Granholm today visited the “Buy Fresh, Buy Local – Select Michigan” farmers’ market on the State Capitol lawn to underscore the benefits of purchasing local agricultural products.  Granholm said supporting local farmers’ markets is a great way to ensure that money stays in Michigan and, in some cases, can be a money-saver for the consumer since local products aren’t being shipped long distances, which can increase fuel costs that are passed along to shoppers. Read the rest of this entry »