Governor Honors Final Four Bet

13 04 2009

From Governor Granholm’s blog.

Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm

Photo courtesy - Jennifer Granholm: The Conversation For Michigan's Future

 Krispy Kreme is the best they could do?  I guess since the Krispy Kreme in Lansing Township is boarded up, it’s something Lansing doesn’t have, but come on.   How about Bojangles?  Some good Carolina pork or something other than a baby blue donut and something you can’t get in Mid-Michigan.  It’s about as good as Senator Stabenow putting Little Ceasars on the line.


Krispy Kreme – Midlothian, IL

28 11 2008
  • 14747 Cicero Ave.
  • Midlothian, IL 60445
  • (708) 535-7649
  • Website
  • Menu
Krispy Kreme on Cicero Avenue in the Chicago suburb of Midlothian

Krispy Kreme on Cicero Avenue in the Chicago suburb of Midlothian

I never got on board with the Krispy Kreme fad.  My mom loved them.  Whenever we would take trips to Chicago, we would make a little detour to this exact store on Cicero Avenue not far from Interstate 294 or Interstate 57.  I always thought they were good, but I didn’t go crazy.  My mom would buy several dozen boxes and take them home.  If her co-workers were lucky, she might even share.  Oh sure, I would eat them, but I wouldn’t go nuts over them like so many others.

On Thanksgiving Day, J and I were leaving her parents in Chicago to head to my parents south of the city.  We were driving down Cicero like we always do and we started talking about lunch.  It was 9:30 or so when we left and neither of us had breakfast.  J assumed we were eating around noon.  When I said it was going to be later in the afternoon, she suggested hitting a drive thru. It just so happened we were in sight of the Krispy Kreme sign.  She suggested getting some doughnuts and I didn’t argue.  Read the rest of this entry »