“I Love This Bar” Coming to Auburn Hills

29 04 2009

Yes, I’m a country music fan.  Yes, I’m a Toby Keith fan despite the fact he’s a closet liberal.  I’ve never been to Vegas or any of the other cities where one of his restaurants are, but I’m sure we’ll make a trip to Auburn Hills once “I Love This Bar” opens at Great Lakes Crossing.

Country music singer-songwriter Toby Keith will open a 650-seat restaurant and entertainment center called I LoveThis Bar & Grill at Great Lakes Crossing in Auburn Hills late this year, mall marketing director Melissa Morang announced today.


The casual menu includes many of the home-style Southern dishes the ex-oil field worker from Oklahoma callshis favorites: pulled-pork sandwiches, chicken-fried steak, Honky Tonk meatloaf, Freedom Fries and fried-bologna sandwiches — a signature dish, along with Southern-fried Twinkies.




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29 04 2009

I’ve never hung out in his place in Vegas, but I’ve walked past it a hundred times (it’s right on the way to the Harrah’s monorail station).

It’s always loud and busy, blasting out Keith’s music. There’s a gift shop attached.

Where else does he have them?

29 04 2009
Mid-Michigan Dining

I think my mom’s eaten at the Vegas location, but I can’t remember….they take a couple trips to Vegas every year…I’ve never been and have little desire to go.

The other locations are OKC, Kansas City, Mesa, and Catoosa, OK at a Cherokee Casino

25 05 2009
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28 10 2009

I am looking forward to the opening of Toby’s Restaurat. I ate at his bar in Vegas the last time I was there. I thought it was great. And, I had a great time!! I hope to go back agin real soon….

21 11 2009

My daughter lives in Phonix AZ, We went to the one in Mesa and it was absolutly fantastic. I had the Garlic butter Rib eye…Mouth watering. One of the best steaks i have ever had…..I also bought some of the seasoning from the gift shop. ran out it was awesome…Everyone likes it….Cant wait till they open up!

24 12 2009
barbara duff

I cant wait to taste the food, i fits as good as his music i’ll be there at least once a month!!! i love his music, i’ll support anything toby keith does!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOL
that is the problem he dont get enough credit for the great he is!!!!!!!!!!!LOL

3 03 2010
Ashlee Crane

This BAR SUCKS!!!!!!!! they have very bad customer service!!! I will never go back. I think toby keith needs to get his ass beat for this bar in auburn hills. It should be called tubby keith cuz all they got is fat girls in shorts.

6 03 2010

I agree Ashlee. My little sister and brother went out there last night to checkout the food and the service for my fiance and I (we wanted to have our dinner there) since we are in the military and aren’t able to check it out it for ourselves. The service they got was horrible, they made them walk around the mall for an hour and then when they asked why they weren’t seated yet they were told the kitchen had to be closed down 30 minutes prior, and said they can’t serve them. Then the 16 year old brats they call waitresses laughed and called my sister a whore and b*tch, and the thing they called a bouncer laughed and was making fun of very one as well because they couldn’t be served. Leave it to Michigan to ruin something that could have been nice. Why are the people so rude in that state and think they are better than everyone. Hello your a freaking bouncer at a mall, really, theres a great motivation in life.

6 03 2010
SW Michigan Dining

Not defending the bar for either your experiences, but you have to remember, they just opened. Going to a restaurant right after it opens is never a good idea. The place is packed, the kitchen is swamped and everyone’s trying to learn a new system on the fly. Go back in six months and see if you still have the same experience.

7 03 2010

Well I guess you haven’t eaten out a whole lot here in Michigan lately, otherwise you would know that it is the lack of customer service that is holding most bars back these days. A lot of people are out of the job and the last thing they want to go do is pay 12 bucks for a burger or use their last 5 bucks on a cold beer and be treated like crap. The ones who are saving money and are only doing special things once and a while now, well deserve a lot more respect then waiters and bouncers laughing and making fun of them. Unfortunately the old saying is first impressions last a life time, and their first impression was awful. Honestly though I don’t think it was the restaurant its self but the lack of respectful workers they hired, and people that behavior that way don’t normally change. So if the bar wants to be good they may want to hire a new staff.

7 03 2010
SW Michigan Dining

Um…do you read my blogs? I eat four times a week…all in Michigan….I’ve had some problems but it’s not a Michigan thing…you can’t blame all if lifes problems on the economy

9 03 2010

I went last Wed. (3-3-10) for dinner, The place was not very busy, and Samantha, our waitress, was nice.
(Ok, that was their third open day)

Went back on Friday with some friends. (3-5-10)
Arrived 5:45PM
Told there would be a 30 minute wait. No problem, the place was packed.
15 minutes later, told that there would now be a 1.5 hour wait.
Um, ok.
Wandered the mall.
Came back 45 minutes later, told that the wait would be a little longer, and that the kitchen was an hour behind, and that they close the kitchen at 9.
Gave up at this point. Went to the Coney Island instead.
What kinda ticked me off about this was this:
I used my Visa to pay for dinner on Wed. Just before I left to come on Friday, I checked my bank account, to find that I was being charged AGAIN on Friday! (the first charge already on my account, theis one was pending) I called and spoke to Roy, the Manager. He told me that there was a glitch in their system and that he had a call out to the Credit Card processor to fix the duplicate charges, and that I was not the only one that this had happened to. He invited me to come in that evening, to refund the charge, and offered to “buy us a round”. Never had a chance. In fact, I told the greeters that I had talked to Roy, and they kinda giggled it off, never bothering to call him.

15 03 2010

You guys all have to understand that they are learning as they go. Eventually the bad staff w leave and get fired for not providing good service but at a interview anyone can give a good first impression. Ive personally never gone but listening to you guys talk down about this bar is just annoying. like that other person said in 6 months then id like to hear your opinion. let them grow and become a better place n who knows maybe you’ll b bak. i personally worked for roy before and so has my mom, he’s a great guy and i think everything will turn out right if u just give them time to improve on their waitstaff and kitchen.

22 03 2010

We went to Sat 03/20/10 for Lunch, it took our waitress Kristine about 15 minutes before she came to greet us, we ordered drinks, another 15 minutes went by she finally served us our drinks spilt our beverages on the table never returned to wipe up the tableup we had to get our own towel.We decided we were not going to eat, because it was taking to long. I tried to pay for our drinks she said my cc was declined. Then I explained to her there was no way it could be declined. Manager figured out it was there system that was down .I will never return. Service was horrable cant say anything bad about the food because we never had a chance to order. it took them 1 hour just to get us our drinks

12 04 2010

I was in there with a few friends and my husband this afternoon and it was very pleasant! Our waitress was megan s. By far the BEST service I have ever gotten! I really don’t understand the negative critcism about this place! I understand that only people with bad experiences decide to get on and rant but my experience there was phenomenal! This is definitely my new restaurant!

16 08 2010

Don’t know about his other sites but the Auburn Hills restaurant was dreadful in my experience. The food was mediocre and over-priced. The beer was over priced. Wait staff was rude, when I could find my waiter at all. Management was non-responsive to complaints. I wasn’t asking for a free meal, I just wanted someone to bring my guests their drinks in a timely manner. The live entertainment we had chosen to see were there on time, I called ahead to confirm that the band would play at the time stated on Facebook and the website. We waited for 3 hours and the band never went on. By that time it was almost last call so any performance would have been non-existent. I will not return, even though several bands that I am friends with have been hired to play.

6 10 2010

Went here for dinner before going out for my bachelorette party. Had such a great time, that if we hadn’t paid for a party bus, we would have stayed all night! The service was awesome even when dealing with a larger group of people. They were attentive and also fun. The experience was so much fun- riding the bull, taking shots on the bar and the overall vibe of the restaurant. Would definitely recommend this place and would recommend that if you had a bad experience, to try again. If the service was horrible- tip accordingly. But at least give it another shot! I will for sure be back in, even without a big crowd!

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