Press Release – Don’s Windmill Truckstop Closing

27 04 2009

I heard a while ago this might happen.  Still, a sad day.  Don’s was one of the first restaurants that was recommended to J and I when we moved here.  The restaurant will close Friday.  From a press release…..


Dimondale, MI – (April 27, 2009) Don’s Windmill Truck Stop of Dimondale announced today that it will close its doors after its 54 year run as travelers’ one-stop-shop. Don’s Windmill Family Restaurant started in 1955 as a ten tables diner named after the late Donald Millisor, who passed summer of 2006. Don and his wife Shirley saw their business grow rapidly as the Interstate-96 and Interstate-69 was built around Lansing, and their customer-base became predominately truck drivers and travelers. The 24 hours restaurant/travel center/fuel station today services hundreds of truckers and travelers a week, as well as many locals.

Due to the failing Michigan economy and the current U.S. recession the third and forth generation family business has no choice but to shut down operations. The Windmill Restaurant, which has become known for its friendly service and its delicious breakfast buffets, will close Friday, May 1, 2009 as well as the Diesel Center. The Travel Center and Gas Station will remain open until the business completes final closing procedures.

According General Manager, Daniel Millisor, son of Don and Shirley, “Our family is heartbroken to have to close the family Business. It has been a vital part of our entire lives, as well as a local icon to our many loyal customers”

The Millisor Family would like to thank their valued employees, many of them who have served the business for as long as 45 years. The family would also like to recognize the number of loyal customers who have been the heart of keeping the business open for 54 years. It’s disappointing to the community to see another ‘mom n’ pops’ business come to an end, but the years of memories it holds will not be forgotten.

Don’s Windmill would like to announce an invitation to everyone for one last meal at the nostalgic diner. Whether its the first time or the 10,000th time, come in for homemade soups and pies, all-you-can-eat spaghetti and meatballs, super-sized chopped steak dinner, build-your-own omelet, hot biscuits and gravy, or come in to finally conquer the one pound Monster Burger!




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4 12 2009

I am saddened that anyone is sad of Don’s Windmill closing. The reason that I say this is because I own a wholesale company, and im March and April of this year, Don’s (knowing they were closing) decided to buy up several thousands of dollars of merchandise from my company. They also received premiums from my reps. After calling and calling, trying to receive payment from these people, I one day find out they have closed. They new exactly what they were doing. Just because they are went out of business, does not mean that they had to carry others down with them. I believe in treating people fairly and honestly. I could not do what these people did to my company.
So, with that said, the food might have been great, but the honesty of the people and management is so sour it made me puke! For those of you who are friends of the owners and management, be sure to shake the hand of them, and tell them Keith said thanks for ripping him off. My e-mail is posted if you have any questions.
By the way, I have been a single dad for the last 20 years, and raised my children on my own. Thank God I never have to worry about their integrity and honesty!!!!!

17 11 2012

Shut your piehole, this place was great for eating til you’re stuffed than having your drunk buddy load up 10 carry out containers full of bacon biscuits and gravy eggs and then eating again when you got home and again in the a.m. All for the buffet price, wish more shops still like this. Thanks for all the great service great food and good times. P.s. if I were my drunk buddy I would feel guilty and give you like 50,000 for all the extra food that was slurped down. So maybe my buddy has your inventory too.

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