Pepsi Throwback Now In Mid-Michigan

27 04 2009

When my dad showed up at my apartment this weekend, he had a surprise for me.  Before leaving, he found bottles of Pepsi and Mt. Dew Throwback..   I heard some time ago that Pepsi was going to do a limited run of the two with natural sugar to give drinkers a taste of what the product was pre 1980’s.

I hadn’t seen the bottles around here yet, so I was really excited to try them.  He brought two bottles of each and offered me one of them.  I tried the Pepsi first.  Man, was it good.  So much crisper.  I have been buying glass bottles of Pepsi manufactured for the Mexican market at Tony’s Party Store and American International Bulk Foods.  Those bottles are made with cane sugar, so the taste of the Pepsi Throwback wasn’t something totally new to me.  Still, it was nice to get it in a 20 oz. plastic bottle.  My dad, who doesn’t really like Pepsi, really likes the Throwback.  He says it doesn’t have the aftertaste that regular Pepsi does.

The Mt. Dew took a little while to grow on both of us.  At first, I thought it tasted water down, but that was because it didn’t have the aftertaste that the HFCS version does.  The only chance you have to savor the drink is as it’s passing through.  It doesn’t stick around.  After I started drinking a whole bottle, it really started to grow on me.  My dad, who only drinks Mt. Dew, said the same thing.  At first, it wasn’t great, but the taste grew and now he’s only drinking the Throwback.

Unfortunately, the Pepsi Throwback is only set for a limited run.  Sales are supposed to halt on June 13 then only the HFCS that we all know and are forced to love will be the only choice.

This morning, my dad wanted one for the road, so we ran over to Meijer on Pennsylvania to see if they had them.  I hadn’t seen them yet in Mid-Michigan, but I haven’t been looking either.  I figured Meijer would have them if anyone would and I needed a few other things anyway.  We found a 12 pack of cans in the pop aisle, but no bottles.  As we went to check out, we found a cooler full of 20 oz. singles.  He got a Mt. Dew for the drive back to Illinois and I got a Pepsi just because I love Pepsi.  Every place my dad has found them they have been sold for $.99.  Meijer had them at full price…$1.39 plus deposit.  Still, I’ve only got a month and a half to enjoy the true taste of Pepsi.  I hope it goes over well and Pepsico changes their mind about the limited run.



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28 04 2009

Hey, I know you’re not a Coke fan, but have you noticed at all if Tony’s or International Bulk Foods or elsewhere has cane sugar Coca Cola? I don’t drink pop myself, but I’d love to bring some to my dad.

28 04 2009

BTW…There is a new restaurant at the site of the former Bob’s Big Boy on Okemos at exit 110…Bethany’s Place Family Diner…Their menu reminds me of ummmm, Bob’s Big Boy…

Cheryl-Tony’s Party Store does have Mexican/cane sugar Coke…I also just saw it at L&L in Holt…

29 04 2009

Thanks Corky!

30 04 2009

I tried the throwback Pepsi last night. I am normally a regular coke drinker, when I do drink soda. The Pepsi was AWSOME! I went back to the store and bought 3 twelve packs and put them in our basement to have for the future.

30 04 2009

Corky, I know I noticed it since I don’t see my name very often! I’m going to have to try them out just for that!

30 04 2009
Mid-Michigan Dining

There’s a billboard on Cedar Street for the place with the web address….but when I tried the site, it went to a GoDaddy coming soon page.

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