Georgio’s Gourmet Pizzeria – Downtown

27 04 2009
  • 120 Charles Street
  • East Lansing, MI 48823
  • (517) 333-9990
  • No Known Website
Georgios Gourmet Pizzeria on Charles Street in East Lansing.

Georgio's Gourmet Pizzeria on Charles Street in East Lansing.

I love late night pizza-by-the-slice places and I love living near a college town that has many places to fill that late night craving. 

J got home from work just before midnight like she always does and I said, “I’m hungry” like I always do.  This time, she said she had a taste for pizza or tacos too.  We debated the pros and cons of each and eventually settled on pizza.  Since there’s no place on the south side of Lansing to get a slice at midnight, we trekked to East Lansing.

There are a couple locations for Georgio’s in East Lansing, but I chose the one in the downtown area on Charles Street.  We drove around the streets of downtown a few times on a very busy Friday night looking for pizza.  I knew there was a Georgio’s and a Bell’s, but I didn’t remember which was where.  We drove by Bell’s because there were so many kids around and no place to park.  I made it to Georgio’s and got really lucky.  There was a parking space right out front.  I showed off my awesome parallel parking skills (there was no space in front of me, so really, I just pulled in) and we went inside. 

The Georgio’s on Charles Street seems a little bigger than the one on Grand River Avenue.  The store sits on the first floor of the parking garage next to the SOS office.  There is a pretty large dining room in the front of the building.  The counter with all the pizzas is in the back.  We weren’t the only ones who had the idea for pizza as the place was pretty packed. 

Georgios Gourmet Pizzeria in downtown East Lansing.

Georgio's Gourmet Pizzeria in downtown East Lansing.

We were looking over the gourmet selections when a group of drunk college girls came in behind us and pushed their way to the case.  At that point, we both gave up and just ordered a slice of cheese and a slice of pepperoni and sausage.  The cheese is kept behind the counter and the pepperoni and sausage slice was just put out, but both slices went back in to the oven to crisp up. 

While they were cooking, J got a pop and paid for the pizza.  The two slices and one drink cost a little over six bucks.  After the slices came out, they were put into the same box and handed to us.  We went to another counter and loaded up on red pepper flakes, parmesean cheese, and some Italian herbs that were in a shaker. 

J couldn’t wait and ate her slice on the drive home.  She said it was pretty good.  I couldn’t eat and drive, so I had to wait.  It was torture.  When we got home, I dug in and J promptly made fun of me for eating without taking a breath.  Hey, I was hungry.  The pizza was good and all I hope for in a late night slice.  I wouldn’t order a full pizza, but I like just having a slice or two.




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30 04 2009

As with Bell’s, the downtown locations can be annoying if you’re not drunk with everyone else, but you do usually get the fresher pizza when they’re packed! 🙂

15 12 2009
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[…] the same Georgio’s that has two locations in East Lansing.  I’ve blogged about them here and here.  The following is from Join us Friday, December 18 for the Grand Opening of […]

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