Dairy Dan – Revisited

15 04 2009
  • 7035 S. Cedar Street
  • Lansing, MI 48911
  • (517) 268-1264
  • No Known Website
  • No Online Menu
  • Original Review (4/11/08)
Dairy Dan on South Cedar Street in Lansing near the city limits.

Dairy Dan on South Cedar Street in Lansing near the city limits.

J must have been reading my mind this afternoon.  When she came home for dinner the first thing she said wasn’t “hi.”  It was, “I’m craving ice cream.”  That’s funny because I was craving ice cream too.  I was going to suggest making a quick run to Dairy Dan after dinner, but she beat me to it.

Dairy Dan is our go to when it comes to ice cream.  It was the first place we found after moving here because it’s just down the street from our apartment on South Cedar Street near the Lansing city limits.  The building is a walk up that’s only open in the summer.  They opened for the season just a few weeks ago.  We drove by all winter bummed that we couldn’t stop and get ice cream.

There is a drive-up window at Dairy Dan, but I prefer getting out and walking up to the window, so I parked under the sign and made the short walk to the window.  I know I wanted a Flurry, but I wanted to let J get a look at the other items.  Like most ice cream shops in this area, they put pictures of all their creations in the window so you know what you’re ordering. 

Dairy Dan near the Holt/Lansing city line

Dairy Dan near the Holt/Lansing city line

We ended up both getting peanut butter cup flurries.  J got a small and I asked for a medium, but they don’t have medium.  It’s just small or large.  I didn’t really want a large, but I thought I wanted more than a small.  I should have just went with the small because the large was huge.  It was too much ice cream.  My tummy hurt the rest of the night.  Sure, I didn’t have to eat it, but flurries just aren’t that good if you put them in the freezer. 

The big difference between Dairy Dan’s flurries and DQ’s Blizzard is the topping.  Dairy Dan puts extra candy pieces on top then finishes it off with whipped cream and a cherry.  I let J take the cherry off mine and I usually push most of the whipped cream off.  I just want the ice cream.

Our two flurries cost a little over eight bucks.  J thought that was higher than last year, but I don’t think I usually order the large.  I think I usually get the small, but it was my first of the season, so I guess I forgot. 

I know for a fact this won’t be our only trip to Dairy Dan this summer.  If my stomach has anything to say about it, it will be a weekly trip.




3 responses

16 04 2009

“It was too much ice cream.”

There is no such thing!

Our new favorite ice cream place is a shop in downtown Dimondale.
Can’t think of the name, but you can’t miss it on the riverbank.
Nothing really special in terms of ice cream — just soft serve and Mackinac Island brand of hard pack.
Still, a nice, clean, small town shop.

Chocolate Moose in Portland is still good too. However, it’s changed ownership and it almost tastes like they’ve messed with the ice cream recipes a bit.
Still, all is “home made” and they have flavors nobody else has like “oatmeal cookie dough” or “death by moose”.
Not as good as it once was, but still better than anything in the Lansing area.

5 06 2009

This is my experience with the owner of Dairy Dan at 7035 S. Cedar Street Lansing, MI haven eaten there I can so nothing wrong about the ice cream or the service by the workers there.

I’m a sixty-five year old man with heart problems have COPD and Polycythemia Vera, my doctor told me to exercise so I walk four miles a day four or five days a week, I walk from Holt to Meijer’s at S. Pennsylvania this walk takes me by Dairy Dan on Cedar St. about four weeks ago I was sitting on the bench in front of Dairy Dan resting and the owner was spraying the driveway he told me if I keep sitting there I’m going to get dust sprayed in my face so I got up and walked on.

Two weeks later on my walk as I approached Dairy Dan the sprinkler system was on this was about 10:30 am, I had to walk out on to Cedar St. traffic to get by without getting wet, I went up to the window and asked to talk to the owner the girl said he was busy right now but I could wait and he would be out so I sat down on the bench out front, when he came out I asked the him why he was running his sprinkler system when people are walking on the sidewalk and that I had to walk out onto Cedar Street to get around them he said when am I suppose to run them, I said in the early morning hours. He said he would run it when ever he wanted to and said to get the “F” off his property I told him no I want an answer he said he would call the police and have me removed I said ok I would like to have a police report on this matter he said I’ll get you off my bench I’ll turn the sprinklers on in this section and he went inside and turned them on, discussed I just left.

Two days later I walked by he was in the parking lot he just watched me as I walked by, the sidewalk and the driveways were already wet so he had already sprinkled his lawn, I continued my walk, after reaching my destination and starting my walk back home I came to Dairy Dan and the sprinklers came on in the south drive I went up to the window and asked to talk to the owner the girl said he’s not here I asked if she could turn off the sprinklers so that I wanted to walk by and didn’t want to have to walk out on Cedar Street both girls said they didn’t know how I waited a few minutes and magically they went off and I walked on by.

It seems that when I walk by Dairy Dan and if he sees me he turns the sprinklers on as this has happened several times now. I used to walk by in the morning now I have changed it to later in the day and it still happens.

The last time I tried to talk to the owner he said go ahead and call the police and make a report and what are you going to tell them I’m spraying water on you and he laughed.

I hope this message gets to him and makes him to realize how dumb this is, he is sprays a wall of water across the sidewalk so nobody can walk by without getting wet or they have to walk out into the traffic on Cedar St. to get by.

Help needed
Rod Eisenbrandt

21 03 2010

What time does Dairy Dan’s open? All this info and no time. I LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dairy Dan’s!!!!

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