MSU Dairy Store – Revisited

3 04 2009
The MSU Dairy Store in Anthony Hall.

The MSU Dairy Store in Anthony Hall.

The MSU Dairy Store is one of the best finds we’ve made in the Lansing area.  It was part of the Be a Tourist In Your Own Town event that is put on by the Greater Lansing CVB (which is coming up May 30, btw).  Since then, we’ve gone out of our way several times to get some of the yummiest ice cream in Mid-Michigan. 

A few days ago, I saw a story in the Lansing State-Journal about a special flavor being rolled out for the Final Four.  The great thing about the article, as pointed out by another blogger, is that the LSJ used a press release from four years ago to write the story.  Anyway, the flavor sounded good, so J and I made a post dinner trip to pick some up.

The MSU Dairy Store is in Anthony Hall off of Farm Lane in East Lansing.  It seems we weren’t the only ones who were after the special flavor.  There were half a dozen groups of people chowing down.  The flavor we were after was called Final Four Fudge Dribble.  It is vanilla ice cream with a fudge swirl and chocolate covered malted milk balls.  I got two scoops of the flavor in a cup.  It was really good.  I could have done with the malted milk balls, but otherwise, the ice cream was delicious. 

The entrance to the MSU Dairy Store inside Anthony Hall

The entrance to the MSU Dairy Store inside Anthony Hall

J decided to get something else.  The Buckeye flavor and Purdue tracks both sounded good so she got a scoop of each.  She was picking up a half gallon of the Final Four Fudge Dribble to take back to work and share with her co-workers.  This way, she could get something that sounded good and still try the special flavor.  She could have just taken a bite of mine too, but she didn’t ask and I didn’t offer.

I’m not going to lie and say I’m a huge Spartan fan because I grew up 60 miles north of the University of Illinois.  However, I do love that the Spartans are doing as well as they are.  It’s always fun to live in a community that has a team that’s doing so well.  I lived in Peoria when Bradley University made their incredible run to the Sweet 16.  That town had never seen anything like that and even though I wasn’t a Bradley fan, it was fun to be part of the hoopla.  Same thing here, I’m pulling for the Spartans and hope that Monday night, I’ll be able to go to Breslin to watch the game.  There’s nothing like watching a big game with a bunch of die hard fans.




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4 04 2009

Thanks for the mention in this blog post. And thanks for writing this blog; I didn’t know it existed until I got the pingback, but I’ll be returning to hear what you have to say. I’m always looking for new places to eat; might as well let you try them first. 🙂

28 09 2011

Time to face the music armed with this great ifonramtoin.

29 09 2011

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2 10 2011

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