Cancun Mexican Grill – Jolly Road

2 04 2009
  • 2398 Jolly Road #100
  • Okemos, MI 48864
  • (517) 347-3510
  • Website
  • Menu
Cancun Mexican Grill on Jolly Road in Okemos

Cancun Mexican Grill on Jolly Road in Okemos

Mexican wasn’t the plan tonight, but that’s where we ended up.  We were actually going to Backyard BBQ on Jolly Road in Okemos on the suggestion of a commentor.  When we pulled up there a little after 7:00 we found the business closed.  They close at 7:00, so we just missed them.

Instead, we headed across the street to Cancun Mexican Grill.  The shop is in one of the many strip malls in the area right next to a Mediterranean deli.  Cancun is in the corner and they make good use of the space.  When you walk in, you come to a very small waiting area.  We were met by a waiter who showed us to a booth.  The space is pretty much one long hallway with booths on either side. 

The decor is loud.  Very, very loud.  Everything is painted in bright colors and there are Mexican flag designs on the curtains.  The booths and tables are really neat.  Each table and booth back has a Mexican scene on them.  These scenes are actually carved in the wood then painted.  It’s a very cool looking design feature.  They really play on Mexican stereotypes with the way they’ve decorated.

The menu is huge.  The waiter brought us a couple Pepsi and asked if we needed more time.  We really needed another ten minutes to go through everything.  The great thing about the menu is the key on the last page.  It gives a description of what each of the menu categories are for us ignorant Americans.  I always THINK I know what an enchilada is or what chile con carne is, but it’s nice to have a clear description.  After finding this part of the menu, I actually changed what was I going to order because something I thought was scary turned out to be pretty tame. 

Cancun Mexican Grill on Jolly Road near Okemos Road

Cancun Mexican Grill on Jolly Road near Okemos Road

J was really wanting a cheese quesadilla, but at first, we could only find them in the appetizer section.  After a little more searching, she found the vegetarian combo plates.  She ordered combo plate “D” which came with a bean burrito, a cheese quesadilla, and a chalupa.  She made the big mistake of grabbing her plate once it was set down.  The server said it was hot, but it was much hotter than she was expecting.  She really burned her finger.  After dealing with that, she said her meal was really good.  There was a lot of food on the plate and she couldn’t quite finish everything.  She likes the option of the vegetarian meals because when she has to order meat, it ends up going to waste if I can’t eat it. 

I ordered combination meal #3 which was two beef tacos, one beef enchilada, and Chile con Carne.  It was freakin delicious.  I ate the enchilada and Chile con Carne first.  The enchilada had a great sauce on it and the Chile con Carne was much milder than I expected.  I couldn’t taste the jalapeno’s at all, but the meat was great.  The tacos were stuffed with meat, lettuce and a white cheese.  They were really good and when I say stuff, I mean stuffed.  There was just as much filling on the plate as there was in the taco.  The taco shells got a little soft by the time I got them, but they were still really good.  Out of the three, the enchilada was by far the best, but everything on the plate was good.

While we were waiting for our meal, a server brought out chips and salsa.  The salsa is how I used to like my salsa.  It was smooth with no chunks other than a few pepper seeds.  It wasn’t really hot which J likes, but I like heat.  The chips were alright, but nothing special either.  The chips and salsa are my favorite thing about Mexican restaurants.  Our waiter came back and asked if we wanted more.  I said no, but only because I didn’t want to spoil my appetite more than I already had. 

After we finished, we waited quite a while for a check again.  That seems to happen to us a lot.  Our mistake is not saying anything when the waiter/waitress come over near the end of the meal to ask if we need anything.  Instead of saying we need the check, I usually say “we’re good” and we end up waiting.  Once the check came, we both surprised by how much food we got for what we paid.  Our bill was $19.75 before tip and we both were walking out with a little food left on our plates.

For being a second choice, Cancun Mexican Grill turned out to be a pretty good meal.  I’m still not an expert on Mexican food or Mexican restaurants, but I know I’ve enjoyed the meals at every place we’ve eaten.  Cancun is definitely one of the best values we’ve found, but be prepared for all the bright colors.




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13 04 2009

Glad you found Cancun, it’s probably our favorite Mexican restaurant of the moment. Sorry to hear you were forgotten about for awhile…it is kind of funny how it can turn you off from a restaurant…happened to us at Los Tres and took awhile before we were willing to go back again.

16 09 2009

Where can I get a recipe for their Salsa?

13 11 2011

I’ve tested several recipes and this one is pretty much spot on:

23 12 2009
Bernie B

I walked away hating this place. I know what real Mexican food tastes like and this ain’t it. Just another tex-mex wannabe with horrible decor, loud music, and so many kids you’d think it was the overflow for Chuck E Cheese.

If you like real mexican food, go to Pablo’s in Old Town and avoid this place like the plague.

15 02 2011

Love this place! My boyfriend and I have been going here for years. There was a point where we’d go multiple times a week! The family that runs it is great. I have found it to be better than most Mexican restaurants in the Okemos-Lansing-East Lasing area. Their chips are hot and fresh. Their salsa is homemade-none of that ketchup-y stuff like other Chi Chi’s-esque places! It’s affordable. Their margaritas are fabulous for the price. If you want a down-to-earth Mexican place with colorful decor and the occasional futball game on, come here! If you want a restaurant where no kids are allowed, it’s dark and way more expensive, that’s more fusion than legitimate Mexican, and kind of hoighty-toighty go to Pablos like Bernie B. recommends. He obviously has no idea what he is talking about.

17 02 2011
Bernie B

You’ve obviously never been to Pablos.

16 02 2012
Susan Snider

I have never been to Pablos either…nor Mexico (yet!), but I love Cancun Grill and we go there quite often. And I get a craving for their salsa more than I care to admit, so I also call in a quick to-go order for food and salsa or sometimes just the salsa and chips if I have dinner planned at home. Soooo good! When they first opened up, their Margaritas were not good at all and we told them so! We were hesitant to go back, but took into consideration that they had just opened and sometimes it takes practice for things to fall into place. We waited for awhile and tried them again….they are wonderful! I am a country white girl from Portland and my family and friends LOVE Mexican food and have eaten at many different Mexican places….family owned, chain restauarants along with home-made meals at some of my friends houses (authentic Mexican food). My friends and family, that live in Eaton, Clinton, Ionia, and Ingham county have all visited this place with me and are hooked! Even one of my good friends from Grand Rapids requests to go there when she comes to town! So sorry, Bernie, but I think they do just fine with the drinks and food!

17 02 2011
Bernie B

Or Mexico

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