Press Release – Save-A-Lot Opens in Jackson

27 01 2009

From a Save-A-Lot press release….


Edited Assortment Grocery Store Will Save Consumers Up to 40 Percent

St. Louis, Missouri – December 22, 2008 – Save-A-Lot, the nation’s largest edited assortment grocery chain, celebrated the grand opening of its store in Jackson, Michigan, located at 3525 O’Neil Drive on September 17. The company is committed to offering local shoppers high quality groceries at savings of up to 40 percent.

“Save-A-Lot’s edited-assortment retailing model and nationwide buying power allows us to offer the best quality groceries at a significant savings,” said Jaime Powers, company spokesperson. “We’ve had a tremendous success at our other stores in Michigan, and look forward to bringing another Save-A-Lot to the area.”

Save-A-Lot stores deliver savings of up to 40 percent over conventional grocery stores. The new stores will carry about 1,250 of the most frequently purchased grocery items, including fresh meat, fruits and vegetables, dairy products, canned goods and packaged items, frozen foods and more, plus non-food products like health and beauty care items. Save-A-Lot stores are open seven days a week and employ approximately 15 – 20 employees.

A Different Kind of Grocery Store

Save-A-Lot is the nation’s largest and fastest growing edited assortment grocery chain with more than 1,150 stores in 39 states from Maine to California. There are many factors that distinguish Save-A-Lot from the conventional grocery retailers, including:

· Smaller store size. At about 14,000-16,000 square feet, Save-A-Lot’s smaller footprint makes shopping quick and convenient.

· Edited assortment. Save-A-Lot carries 1,250 of the products most used by consumers. By eliminating costly overhead and unnecessary amenities, the store can offer the best of the most frequently purchased products and pass the savings on to its customers.

· Quality products. Save-A-Lot features approximately 900 exclusive brands that meet or exceed the quality of the national brands. In fact, many of the same producers of name brands also produce Save-A-Lot exclusive brands. The difference is that Save-A-Lot shoppers don’t pay for costly national brand advertising and marketing. In addition, Save-A-Lot offers many national brands at savings up to 40 percent.

· Fresh. Save-A-Lot operates a network of 15 distribution centers strategically located across the U.S., allowing the company to provide the freshest product to stores.

· A True Neighborhood Store. In addition to a great experience and significant savings, Save-A-Lot is dedicated to being a neighborhood grocery store by supporting community organizations, activities and events that are consistent with its philanthropic philosophies.






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