Olympic Broil Restaurant

22 01 2009
  • 1320 W. Grand River Avenue
  • Lansing, MI 48906
  • (517) 485-8584
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Olympic Broil on Grand River Avenue in Lansing.

Olympic Broil on Grand River Avenue in Lansing.

Not too long ago, someone noticed in comments that J orders chicken strips a lot.  For the most part, chicken strips are chicken strips.  It’s a safe choice because it’s hard to screw them up.  Most places just open a bag and dump them in the fryer.  “Rachel” suggested in the comment section of another post that we should try Olympic Broil because they have “the best chicken strips in town.”  I’m always up for the challenge when someone throws that phrase out there.

Olympic Broil is an old drive-in near the corner of Grand River Avenue and Willow Street.  The business started in the mid-70’s and has been a local favorite ever since.  We pulled in to the parking lot around one o’clock and parking was at a premium.  Most of the old car stalls were full and parking on the outside edge of the lot was scarce as well.  We found a spot out near the road and made our way inside.

Inside, Olympic Broil resembles most fast food restaurants.  There’s a dining room near the front as well as one around the corner from the counter.  The booths are the same plastic type booths you see in the chain restaurants.  The menu board is above the counter and you can see into the kitchen area where workers put your meals together. 

I was going to get the chicken strips, but I knew J would, so I went with a 1/4 Bacon Cheeseburger meal.  The sandwich had two very thin patties topped with bacon and cheese.  Ketchup, mustard, pickle, and onion also come standard, but I did without.  The burger reminded me of Burger King.  Even the bacon tasted like something you’d get from the King.  The fries were crinkle cut fast food fries.   The burger was good, but it was nothing special.  I could get the same thing at any fast food place in town.  The pop machine was filled with Pepsi.  I like places that let you get your own.  I like to mix a splash of Pepsi in with a Diet.  I can save a few calories, but still get the Pepsi taste.  I always feel stupid when I ask someone else to do it, so I appreciate places that leave the fountain out in the dining room.

Cars parked in the car stalls at Olympic Broil in Lansing

Cars parked in the car stalls at Olympic Broil in Lansing

Like I expected, J got the chicken strips.  She went with a six piece meal which included fries and a drink.  The chicken strips were awesome.  Instead of frozen, breaded pieces of chicken, they use a batter to fry.  The taste is amazing.  J thought she had the best chicken strips she had ever had Sunday at Houlihan’s.  Wrong.  Olympic Broil’s chicken strips probably ARE the best in Lansing and they certainly are the best we’ve had anywhere in town. I was tempted to go get another order to go.  Her meal included quite a bit more fries than mine, so she had plenty to share.  I ended up with a couple pieces of the chicken and I’m grateful for that.  Battered chicken is so much better than breaded chicken. 

Our meal cost us just over ten bucks.  They only accept cash so it was a good thing it wasn’t too much.  There is an ATM in the corner for those of us that don’t carry a wad of bills anymore.  We spent less than fifteen minutes in the store.  I was looking for something quick and cheap and that’s exactly what Olympic Broil was.  They don’t have the best location, but from the looks of things, the locals know about it and keep them in business.  I’m still amazed at just how good something so simple like chicken strips can be when a place takes a little extra time to do it right.




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22 01 2009

We’ve gone there a few times too after hearing so many people rave about it. I thought their hamburgers were rather average (I dare say Burger King is even a bit better) and nothing special. I do love crinkle cut fries though, and the quantity they give you is always extremely generous. Their chicken tenders were just boring frozen things they probably bought at GFS. Next time we will take your suggestion and try their chicken fingers since they sound actually worthwhile.

I definitely agree with you on battered vs. breaded, btw. The chicken fingers at Cheddars are pretty good, very battered, and HUGE.

22 01 2009
Mid-Michigan Dining

I wouldn’t think what we had today was from GFS. The chicken may have been, but it was battered before frying. I’ve never seen that in frozen chicken strips…not saying it’s not possible….if they are from GFS, I’m gonna have to make a run and get me some..

23 01 2009

No, we didn’t get the strips. He ordered their 6-piece chicken nuggets and they were definitely not made from scratch. I ate one and didn’t like it, and my husband (who will normally eat anything fried) had to pretty much choke down the rest. They were only 99 cents tho, so we couldn’t complain too much.

23 01 2009

I thought you would like the Chicken strips. And they do have crappy nuggets that my boyfriend orders all the time but he also likes Wendy’s nuggets. I am glad you got a chance to get over there. I live on the southside now and appreciate that you have review many southside resturants. I have many other recommendations, I just need a chance to sit down get them to you.

25 01 2009
Mid-Michigan Dining

ok…so stay away from the nuggets. J’s still talking about this chicken strips…

3 07 2009

Olympic Broil simply has the best food in Lansing, especially for the price! All of their food tastes great! My favorite is the home battered chicken strips!

6 10 2009

I have to agree that the burgers are nothing special, although my husband is a fan of their Olympic burger (it comes with mayo, lettuce and their coney sauce (which is homemade)). THE things to try there (besides the chicken strips) are the onion rings and fried mushrooms, coney cheese fries/coney dogs. I always get a chicken wrap, but with the chicken strips instead of the grilled chicken breast. All the wraps are pretty good otherwise.

5 11 2010
james griffem

what ever happend to that little bald headed asian cook?! he was fast! i went to school with him hahaha

5 04 2013
Kari Mole

I love the Ham Wrap….full of mayo, lettuce, tomato and MUSHROOMS!! mmmmm all warm and ooozzzy

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