Olympic Broil Restaurant

22 01 2009
  • 1320 W. Grand River Avenue
  • Lansing, MI 48906
  • (517) 485-8584
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Olympic Broil on Grand River Avenue in Lansing.

Olympic Broil on Grand River Avenue in Lansing.

Not too long ago, someone noticed in comments that J orders chicken strips a lot.  For the most part, chicken strips are chicken strips.  It’s a safe choice because it’s hard to screw them up.  Most places just open a bag and dump them in the fryer.  “Rachel” suggested in the comment section of another post that we should try Olympic Broil because they have “the best chicken strips in town.”  I’m always up for the challenge when someone throws that phrase out there.

Olympic Broil is an old drive-in near the corner of Grand River Avenue and Willow Street.  The business started in the mid-70’s and has been a local favorite ever since.  We pulled in to the parking lot around one o’clock and parking was at a premium.  Most of the old car stalls were full and parking on the outside edge of the lot was scarce as well.  We found a spot out near the road and made our way inside.

Inside, Olympic Broil resembles most fast food restaurants.  There’s a dining room near the front as well as one around the corner from the counter.  The booths are the same plastic type booths you see in the chain restaurants.  The menu board is above the counter and you can see into the kitchen area where workers put your meals together.  Read the rest of this entry »